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09:45:48 PM Feb 4th 2013
For Downplayed:

Eric is doing stealth and Ramona and her ladies are blocking access points. He uses sleeping/knockout drugs as a dead body would trigger alarms, but a sleeping one not so much.
09:43:46 PM Feb 4th 2013
For Justified:

Eric is clearly out-powered (martial artist against armed female gunners), so since they have greater weaponry, he's okay with taking them out.

Eric sees Ramona and her ladies WILL kill him if he doesn't fight back (refusal and surrender aren't options) so he'll naturally need to.

Eric got tagged first by Ramona, so it's self-defense.
07:18:23 PM May 29th 2013
What would you call it if Eric was going to hit Ramona, but she beat him up before he got the chance? In other words, he was absolutely dead-set on hitting her and would have hit her with everything he had but she literally beat him to the punch? In this context, Eric is an evil Non-Action Guy facing an Action Girl.
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