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06:23:32 PM Jun 9th 2014
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Here are some suggestions for logical changes to the order of the transformations on "Playing With" pages.

1) I think we should move "Discussed" to directly below "Lampshaded", as it is more relevant to "Lampshaded" than to "Conversed". They all involve the characters talking about the trope, but both "Lampshaded" and "Discussed" mean talking about a trope in the same work, while "Conversed" means talking about the trope in a different work (a Show Within a Show). Also, this might help to discourage the misconception that "Conversed" means "a response to Discussed".

2) "Averted" and "Justified" could logically trade places. Exaggerated, Downplayed, Averted, Inverted, and Subverted are the "basic" transformations (at least in my mind). "Justified" and "Enforced" both mean that there is a reason for the trope; "Justified" means the reason is in-universe, while "Enforced" means the writers are forced to use the trope.

3) "Plotted A Good Waste" should be last, as it is not applicable to all tropes and is not associated with any other transformation.

Please, people, support my suggestion! Just because the transformations have always been listed in a certain order doesn't make that order correct. It's completely illogical.
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