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01:49:42 PM Jun 5th 2016
edited by imadmagician
Hello. The "reconstructed" version of the trope, I'm having doubts about it: the trope itself is about how a virgin (before marriage) is a morally upright person, while a girl who has premarital sex must be a jerk / lousy person, with Black and White Insanity splashed in. I have added the "extramarital" part for Alice's sex life, since her enjoying sex while still being a virgin BEFORE marriage plays the trope right yet positively. But about Betty, while showing her as a person capable of being nurturing and loving is a positive and realistic thing, it goes against what this trope says (after all , this trope is rooted in bigotry more than reality), so it's subverting the trope (like with Hooker with a Heart of Gold) rather than reconstructing it. Any ideas what to do / comments?
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