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04:37:05 PM Mar 25th 2010
Reconstructed means showing how a trope can be played straight while still acknowledging every complaint about it. Lots of people use reconstructed as if it just meant "doing it again", and it is nothing of the sort.

The only reason I don't delete it is because this is a troper's personal page.
06:06:27 PM Mar 12th 2010
Keep. It's his contributor page, so he can do what he likes with it. Took it off the index, so it shouldn't even be something anyone sees unless they're looking at the main page.
06:10:13 PM Mar 12th 2010
I'm the one who cutlisted it - so long as it's off the index, it's fine with me. It just doesn't belong with the real Playing With A Trope entries.
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