Playing With Exposition Diagram Discussion

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11:34:27 PM Sep 13th 2015
Completely Newb here. I was reading the page and I thught that I have better examples for:

Played For Drama: The diagrams are used to show the seriousness of the situation. Bob makes some drawings to show how critical the wpunds of an other character are.

Deconstructed: Nobody likes to hang out with Bob, because he always tries to find an excuse to use his awful drawings to explain things, even when is not necesary.

I don't even know if I can just edit the article. So I leave this here.

Sorry for the crappy english.
12:08:11 AM Sep 14th 2015
The first one is good. Dunno about the second.
07:54:30 PM Sep 15th 2015
Yeah, I didn't find how to word it properly. So I just add the first example? Shall I profane a this sacred article?
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