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11:47:33 PM Dec 4th 2011
edited by sdmitch16
What is described in the is not platonic love. It is simply romantic love without physical actions and letting the world know of the love.
07:33:08 AM Aug 7th 2012
edited by johnnye
Im not clear, are you saying the page should be describing platonic love and isn't, or is describing that and shouldn't be? I don't think this trope is meant to be "platonic love". It's an outlet for romantic feelings in a world of strictly formalised marital arrangements.

From the trope: "The difference between Courtly Love and Unresolved Sexual Tension is, Courtly Love is supposed to be satisfying in itself because of the mix of the romantic and spiritual. Even when it was popular, it didn't always work that way; Lancelot's love for Guinevere started as Courtly Love but developed into a different sort of affair."

From the other wiki: "Since at the time marriage had little to do with love, courtly love was also a way for nobles to express the love not found in their marriage. "Lovers" in the context of courtly love did not refer to sex, but rather the act of emotional loving. These "lovers" had short trysts in secret, which escalated mentally, but never physically."
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