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06:35:26 PM Jul 13th 2017
edited by SuperMafia
I have a silly suggestion for a Time Manipulator Deity.

Tony the Talking Clock, God of Using Time to Rot People Away Because They Suggested a Different Interpretation of Time.
  • Greater God
  • A circle clock with arms and legs
  • Lawful Neutral (Lawful Evil to anyone who mocks him)
  • Portfolio: Cares about only himself and his perception of time regardless of the facts and deafening though around him who say otherwise, rapidly ages anyone near him to the point of rotting them away, calls it as just a "punishment" to his "students", and being a horrible singer about time.
  • Domains: Time, Age, Singing, Teaching
  • Allies: He doesn't have much allies, though he admires those who are sadistic in their teaching methods, as they reflect his teaching style.
  • Enemies: The majority of the House of Time, though special mention goes to Whis, Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo, and [[Pantheon/Vengeance Enrico Pucci]] with Made in Heaven's time acceleration abilities
  • After displaying three of his "students" how time works and eventually punishing them by rotting them away and ringing his ominous words, he was invited into the Pantheon. Annoyed to no end that he didn't get a position in teaching, he's content with sitting in as a god of Time.
  • Many people were warned that Tony is dangerously stupid and to not say anything contradicting his thoughts on time, which usually results in the offender's ear being blasted out and subsequently aged to rotting alive. Tony himself hates it whenever Whis uses his powers to reset everything, saying that "they have not learned their lesson about time yet."
  • He usually applauds teachers who treat their students like dirt, since he does the same with any of his "students". While they are usually grossed out by the extremes of Tony's punishments, they applaud him back since its unlikely they'll unlearn their lesson.
  • He usually is distrustful of other Time Gods and Goddesses, but a few people he really despises:
    • Whis' time manipulation can reset everything back to normal, which makes Tony mad since he thinks that they have not learned their lessons yet.
    • DIO and Jotaro are two time stoppers he also really hates, since both of them can stop time and effectively escape from his manipulation. His fury boils over the former since unlike the latter, who is vulnerable to his time acceleration, DIO is unable to rot away due to his vampiric blood.
    • Enrico Pucci is someone who he most despises, due to their similar abilities, but Pucci's time acceleration is so fast it was able to end the universe and potentially restart it, causing the clock to feel weak since he isn't able to catch up to the Stand user in relativity to time.
  • Despite singing a song about time in his home universe, most music gods wouldn't let him into the concert hall, primarily due to his horrible lyric writing and his absolutely loud screeching.

It's stupid, but does it work alright?
11:26:39 PM Sep 17th 2015
Waaaait a minute.

Looking through Diavolo's profile on here, I see that Vito Corleone is labled an ally.

Forgetting the fact that Vito is a family man and having standards, the mere fact that Diavolo has no qualms about selling drugs would set the Godfather off.

Would it be alright to label Vito Corleone as an enemy?
09:22:04 PM Jun 24th 2014
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Wish to add him as a lesser god:

Nox, God of Wrong Time-Travel Savvy (Noximillien Coxen)
12:02:37 PM Jun 7th 2014
Just out of curiosity, is it possible to put the Downstreamers from the Manifold series in here as Greater Gods of the trope No One Could Survive That? In their series they survive the heat death of their universe, so it seems appropriate.
12:03:54 PM Jun 7th 2014
I should also mention they do it via time travel and create an omniverse in the process.
03:48:02 PM Apr 22nd 2014
Shouldn't the warp be a dominion, and not a diety? It's a dimension, not an entity
10:11:24 PM Apr 17th 2014
edited by
I think there's a potential for a God of 'multiple realities of time and space', unless it counts in another group.

"Rick and Morty". Since they use the concept of travelling to a variety of dimensions and utilizing multiple realities in creative ways, I think they have potential

I'll work on the full template later but anyone seen them before?
07:45:32 PM Feb 21st 2014
I notice there's no God of Quantum Mechanics, which I think would technically be a fitting position to put in the House of Time and Space.

I personally think Robert and Rosalind Lutece from the game Bioshock Infinite would be fitting candidates, as I think they utilize quantum science in a very flexible matter (constant and variables) as well as how their quantum science has effected several parts of the game's world (the floating city of Columbia, Elizabeth's Tear powers, the use of tears to view different timelines and time periods, et centra)

Or do you think Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen would be more fitting for the position?
02:50:57 PM Feb 17th 2014 you guys think we could evolve the Doctor into a Overdeity?
09:21:42 PM Aug 28th 2013
I finished playing the TimeSplitters games a couple of months ago, and I thought that Sgt. Cortez could be a good representative of some sort of time paradox/stable time loop thing. After all, he met past and future versions of himself multiple times, and yet the universe still did not screw up over this fact.

Not sure how good of an idea it would be, though, since this House is loaded with quite a few people who focuses on paradoxes and loops. Anyone want to offer some advice or feedback? I've also got a couple of things thought out for a potential bio, if it'll help.
04:55:48 AM Feb 15th 2014 you guys think we could evolve the Doctor into a Overdeity?
02:47:44 PM Jul 10th 2013
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Has there yet been a god for someone who time travelled to the past and trained his past self? Because if there isn't, well... here might be a nice addition to the house of time and space

Darn, editted so much because I kept missing spoilers

06:51:38 PM Jul 14th 2013
to be honest, that godly title is just way too long.
07:47:49 PM Jul 15th 2013
Sorry, couldn't summarize his actions until I read the article anti-villain. I editted it now
01:51:44 PM Apr 16th 2013
edited by
Just realized my mistake, adding someone before getting the go ahead. So let me do this proper. *Cough* I would like to list a potential to the house of time and space.

Caius Ballad, destroyer of the flow of Time (Caius of the Ballads)
07:58:54 PM Apr 20th 2013
Looks good to me. Funny that Kain is his enemy (Well given that they're voiced by the same guy, it's a given)
12:27:06 PM Aug 25th 2012
Should we add Neil Armstrong somewhere in here?
06:37:03 PM Aug 25th 2012
This would probably be the place to put him.
12:54:07 PM Aug 26th 2012
What should his title be though?
08:28:00 PM Feb 29th 2012
edited by Otakukun
As much as I love Rory, Jack is a better example is a better representative of The Slow Path
11:36:07 PM Feb 29th 2012
Agreed. Jack Harkness did The Slow Path multiple times and codified most of what Rory would eventually do.
12:30:45 PM Mar 3rd 2012
I see no reason why they can't share the title. Other titles throughout the pantheon have been shared before.
08:24:55 AM Feb 13th 2012
edited by WaxingName
I'd like to add Rosalina as the Mother of the Stars here:

Rosalina, Mother of the Stars
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Power Star
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Likely to be Centuries Old, Blinding Bangs, Cool Starship
  • Allies: Mario
  • Followers: The Mushroom Kingdom
  • Enemies: Bowser
  • Rosalina raises creatures called Lumas in a starship known as the Comet Observatory. These Lumas, when they mature, eventually transform into various celestial objects ranging from small planets to entire galaxies.
  • Rosalina visits her planet of origin, the Mushroom World, once every century. The inhabitants of the Mushroom World celebrate her coming in a festival known as the Star Festival.
04:46:16 AM Feb 12th 2012
Dear Megafighter, redeeming the Disgraces is one thing. But please, when assigning positions... see if it's already taken or not. Use the Source button and then check if the trope is taken. Like Silver. Nice try on Time Police, but that trope has been taken by Cobray Gordon. The paper says 'Time Diver', but it links to Time Police.

So, putting Silver here till there's a decision or he's in the mortal world again.

Silver The Hedgehog, God of Time Police
11:08:04 AM Feb 12th 2012
edited by Megafighter3
Fair enough. If we can't find a unique position for him, we can just drop him off in the mortal world. EDIT: Maybe have him as the God of Shonen Hair in Personal Appearance?
02:37:05 AM May 9th 2011
I am very sorry to have invented Homura Akemi as a deity without so much of a discussion. I guess i played too much in the lesser-used pantheon.

I'll just leave the cut content here then.

Homura Akemi, Patron Saint of Stable Time Loop and Retroactive Preparation (Homerun, Homuhomu)
06:03:58 PM May 9th 2011
There's a few of us talking about the Puella Magi Madoka Magica girls in the main discussion page, so you can join us there. We're mostly working on Madoka and Sayaka at the moment.
08:21:17 PM May 7th 2011
edited by Otakukun
How about Jack Harkness God of The Slow Path

Jack Harkness, (The Face of Boe)'''
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: WW2 wool greatcoat.
  • Chaotic Good
  • Porfolio: Immortality,
  • Domains: Time, Love
  • Allies: A long time friend of The Doctor, been seen with Kirk and most people in [[Pantheon/Love the love pantheon]]
  • Enemies: The 456 and a string of scorned ex's.
  • Jack pends much of hi time in the [[Pantheon/Love love pantheon]]

04:56:49 AM Feb 15th 2014 you guys think we could evolve the Doctor into a Overdeity?
02:04:17 AM Sep 26th 2010
Would this be where the Dieties of Unstable Time Flow and Increasingly Distant Records reside? Or are there any such Dieties yet?
09:28:34 AM May 29th 2010
edited by
No love for Homestuck in the pantheon? Well, how about Dave then?

Dave Strider, Knight of Time, (Knight of Time, Insufferable Prick)'''

Incidentally, is there still away to preview what you right in a discussion page? It's kind of annoying having to make a bunch of edits to find out what you did wrong.
06:34:00 PM Dec 28th 2011
I wouldn't mind.
01:20:16 PM Dec 2nd 2012
Seconded. This should be posted.
09:14:25 PM Apr 29th 2013
Yes. I agree
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