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06:24:41 PM Mar 19th 2014
I nominate K9999 as the God who got Exiled from Continuity. Reasons:

  • The SNK Playmore staff sees him as a blatant Tetsuo copycat.
  • While he's an enjoyable character, he got suddenly removed from the map when they released KOF 2002 Unlimited Match, and he got replaced by Nameless.

Who's with me?
07:03:25 PM Mar 19th 2014
I second this. But let's wait for others to have a say in this.
04:23:47 PM Mar 21st 2014
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K9999, God who got Exiled from Continuity

06:12:29 PM Mar 17th 2014
Been going through Avatar and the one God that REALLY needs to be here would be none other than Ursa herself. Considering all of the shit that happens with Ozai and Zuko was her god damn fault and she abandons her own children and erases her memories (and this is after she tells Zuko, "Never forget who you are."), and then the HUGE Broken Base around her characerization, it goes to show that she's not gonna be leaving anytime soon.

So, who agrees with this?
08:18:56 PM Feb 12th 2014
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May I add Sarah from Ed, Edd, n Eddy to the Fallen?

I already got a portfolio ready;

Sarah, Fallen Goddess of Tiny Tyrannical Girls

09:03:25 AM Mar 10th 2014
Fix some entries before she enters to The Fallen.
06:18:05 PM Mar 18th 2014
Are these edits good? or is there something else I should also fix?
07:04:26 AM Mar 20th 2014
You did it well. Ready to send her to The Fallen.
12:38:45 PM Dec 16th 2013
how long are we gonna put Gabranth in the Fallen? He's redeemed both in game and fans like him a lot but how long are we letting him stay if he's atoned for everything?
05:13:06 PM Dec 20th 2013
Well, it's time for him to put his seat in the House of Justice.
06:45:50 PM Nov 4th 2013
Okay, I just read spoilers for Avatar: The Search and the ending puts Azul's position in the Fallen in question.

Spoilers: after learning her mother's story up and including erasing her memories in the Fire Nation—including the memories of her own children—Azula betrays the gang, tries to fight them, and gets her ass kicked. Zuko decides not to kill her because no matter what, she is still his sister. This act leads Azula to run off, presumably to find her own place and own path with the Gaang stating that they'll one day meet up with her.

So, does this give her a chance to head to Purgatory or are we gonna have to wait a little while longer?
06:28:14 AM Dec 5th 2013
03:12:46 PM Dec 7th 2013
Was that answer for heading to Purgatory or the waiting bit?
05:32:21 PM Dec 7th 2013
For heading the purgatory.
12:45:36 AM Mar 10th 2014
Ok, but Azula is one of the most famous gods in the fallen. We have to have some explanation for what happened to her.
08:56:40 AM Mar 10th 2014
She got depowered by Randy Orton via Money in the Bank.
11:32:13 AM Nov 16th 2012
edited by Lyiofcycleprotector
Okay, so I asked in the pantheon discussion tab if anyone minded me moving Littlefoot up from God of Too Many Sequels to God of sequels, which would place him in the comerce hall, and no body seems to have any objections so far. Does anyone here object to this? If not, I'll move him over to purgatory for awhile and then eventually to the hall of comerce.
11:05:18 AM Dec 10th 2013
He's already in Theater.
05:29:45 PM Oct 23rd 2012
Mind if I make a case for Littlefoot's removal from the list?
11:56:40 AM Nov 5th 2012
Go ahead.
02:42:28 PM Nov 7th 2012
Okay, so I was looked it up, and the Land Before Time series has made a total of 12 sequels (13 movies total) and a one season TV show. All of these sequels were direct to video/DVD only, and were never shown in theaters, nor were any of them involved with Don Bluth. The first sequel was in 1994, and the final sequel so far has been in 2007, a 13 year time period of sequels, which meant roughly one every year. So the general consensus is that Littlefoot is a likable enough character and all from his depiction of the first film, which is now considered an animation masterpiece and one of the last animated films of its kind before the Disney Renaissance and the later Pixar Renaissance put 'darker' animation and traditional animation out favor, respectively. He's not disliked and has one fantastic film, which is why he doesn't fit as a Disgraced. He's listed as the God of Too Many Sequels, which I'm not going to dispute (although after a little research, I've found that there are around 75 movie franchises that have had more than twelve sequels). The thought behind him being a 'Fallen' god is that he's done so many sequels that are of lesser quality than the original, people tend to think less of the franchise as a whole and this he's considered 'fallen'. When the Land Before Time was still making movies, this was invariably true: even mentioning the franchise would start a conversation bemoaning how such a great film has been dragged through the mud by commercialization. Now, apparently the franchise was pretty much the only source of reliable revenue for Universal Animation Studios, the company producing the sequels. Taking a liberal interpretation of this article I found, it was actually one of the major things keeping the studio from being closed http://animationguildblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/end-of-days.html?m=1. Knowing that these sequels, as lackluster as their reputed to be, kept an entire studio of traditional-style animators in business for 13 years in an age where traditional animation was almost absent is actually really cool. In addition, the sequels themselves are not nearly as awful as most people assume them to be. That's an opinionated statement, but it's the opinionated statement of this very wiki's own Sequelitis article when talking about the series. Now, putting those things aside, the franchise has been dead for five years. The argument I make isn't that the Land Before Time hasn't made too many sequels, but that by this point enough time has passed that it's 'okay' to enjoy the series again for what it's made, and that Littlefoot has gone from a whored-out character to more of the status quo position of a classic and still beloved childhood character. I guess that's my argument.
06:04:51 PM Sep 21st 2012
edited by magnum12
Two more weeks to go before we find out if Malal gets out of The Fallen. So far in terms of rumors, the minor chaos gods upgrades are a no go. His chances lie in his mention in the fluff.
11:11:53 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by Megafighter3
Never mind, didn't check the page to see the update.
07:23:36 PM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by magnum12
Have a bunch of ideas for Fallen esque tropes. Remember that being here is NOT an indication that the character is disliked by the fan base (that's the disgraces).

1. Vapor Ware.

Asagi, Goddess of Vapor Ware
  • Quasi deity
  • Symbol: Twin pistols crossed over a flail
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: VaporWare, GunsAkimbo, ButtMonkeys.
  • Domains: War, Suffering
  • Chance Of Redemption: Low. Depends on if either Makai Wars comes out or if she ever becomes the main character of her own game. On the other hand, she is immensely popular among the Nippon Ichi fanbase.

2. Cut Scene Power To The Max

Sindel, Goddess of Cut Scene Power To The Max
  • Quasi deity
  • Symbol: Her skunk like haircut.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (normal) —> Chaotic Evil (when mind controlled)
  • Portfolio: Cut Scene Power To The Max
  • Domains: Law, Good, Family
  • Chance Of Redemption: Medium. Her chances lie upon Mortal Kombat 10's story mode.
  • Fell as a result of an infamous scene in Mortal Kombat 9 which went Beyond the Impossible, resulting in much rage and eye rolling. Alas, the events of the story mode of Mortal Kombat 9 ruined many characters, causing the fall of Raiden and the temporary disgrace of Quan Chi. As a result, much of the pantheon feels sorry for her.

3. Gog/Goddess that can Never Live It Down. Who has been whacked the hardest? I have a few candidates here.

-a. Shion Sonozaki. Despite only snapping in one story arc (Cotton Drifting and Eye Opening are the same story told from different perspectives), Shion above everyone else in the cast is forever remembered as the psychopath (even more so than the actual Big Bad), having the fan nick name of "That Ax-Crazy Yandere chick who tortures everyone." The fact that her arc is the darkest, nastiest arc in the series (and that's saying something) doesn't help her case. Reason why I don't have a proto portfolio is that I lack a proper true alignment (seen as Chaotic Evil).

-b. Ant Man. Defined by one panel (pictured in the comic books section).

-c. Sai or Neji. The former gets remembered for his dick commentary. The later suffers some serious Ron the Death Eater flak over a certain No Holds Barred Beat Down early in the series despite having a Heel-Face Turn practically a decade ago.
09:56:27 PM Dec 1st 2011
There may be some chance for the redemption of Malal. Rumor has it that the minor Chaos Gods will be mentioned and have upgrade "marks" in the upcoming Chaos Legions codex.

02:02:41 PM Oct 6th 2011
11:22:56 PM Aug 17th 2011
Should Kratos Aurion even be here anymore? There may be another fitting spot for him as the God of Fake Defectors given that's one of the things he's famous for.
10:32:21 AM Nov 8th 2010
Should Lois Griffin be listed under "The Fallen"? she certainly belongs in the bad parts of the pantheon if Peter and Brian are in around here.
03:15:46 PM Jan 30th 2011
Flanderization, perhaps? She's become a Jerk Sue in the past couple years.
11:55:18 AM Nov 6th 2013
Where is Brian? Because if he's not anywhere else, I'd like to propose for him a position in the fallen as Fallen God of Non-Human Sidekicks and Straight Men, because that's what he was originally, before he became a mouthpiece for the writers.
09:01:43 AM Mar 10th 2014
Brian should pay his debts to the Purgatory before his return to the Pantheon.
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