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05:45:07 PM Sep 20th 2015
Okay, here's what might sound like a stupid question.

But why isn't Count Von Count already in the House of Vampires?
10:30:15 PM Jun 15th 2015
I elect to add Amethyst Lashiec from Heartcore as a Goddess of Horny Devils.
03:27:04 PM Aug 5th 2014
The Other Creatures house is too big now. Should we divide that by rank, too?
10:50:02 PM Jul 6th 2014
Suggestion for an addition.

The Lady of Pain, The Unknowable
  • Rank: Unknown, but her power is at least at Overdeity levels.
  • Symbol: Her face surrounded by a bladed collar.
  • Alignment: We have no idea.
  • Portfolio: Beings that defy understanding, flaying her victims and worse, being feared by all, refusing to be seen as a god, prisoners designed for specific beings, being forever mysterious
  • Enemies: Anyone who annoys her. For your own sake, don't.
  • Allies: None, nor any followers or worshippers. None that are still around, anyway.
  • The Lady of Pain did not ascend, not that anyone ever saw. She just simply appeared one day and began wandering between Pantheons. No one is even entirely sure if it's really her or someone similar to her, and no one is about to try and find out.
  • Aside from looking like a woman, the Lady of Pain is an utter enigma. Any attempts to communicate with her from gods of any alignments end poorly for the gods. Why she has come here is unknown. It has been rumored that the Lady of Pain arrived sensing a great battle brewing, and that when the final battle of the GUAG and the GUAE comes, she will cosmically reset everything to its previous state.
  • Visitors who have the ill fortune to see the Lady of Pain are advise to advert their eyes, not approach her or acknowledge her presence in any way, and evacuate the area immediately. Mentioning her name, even when she is not around, is also not advised.
02:41:50 AM Jan 21st 2014
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Can someone explain to me how the Death Star is able to stalemate Unicron?

10:49:24 PM Mar 29th 2014
It's not, unless you mean the transformers giant robot deathstar...actually that still should not work.
12:52:47 PM Jan 13th 2014
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Lorien, the First One
01:13:58 PM Feb 18th 2015
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Lorien is old, but an "Overdeity" he is not.

Lorien, the First One
  • Greater God
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Life Energy, The Mentor, taking followers away upon death, The Ageless, End of an Age, Energy Being
  • Domain: Immortality, Mentors
  • Allies: Kosh
  • Followers: John Sheridan and the Army of Light, the First Ones, the Shadows
  • Lorien is a First Born, the first race to gain sentience in his universe. He himself is The First One, making him the first sentient being in his entire universe. He and his kind taught and mentored many of the races who became First Ones later on in existence, including the Vorlons and the Shadows.
  • Lorien's race was originally born immortal, kept in check by their naturally low birthrates. However, as he himself explained, later generations lost their immortality, eventually growing old and infirm, and dying. As he put it: "We have lived too long; seen too much. To live on as we have is to leave behind joy, and love, and companionship, because we know it to be transitory, of the moment...we know it will turn to ash. Only those who lives are brief can imagine that eternal." Some members of the Emotion, Friendship and Love Pantheons aren't sure how to interpret his words.
    • "You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received."
  • Lorien is also an Energy Being, and he has shown himself able to travel around the stars both with and without his space ship as a result of his evolution to this higher form.
  • He was able to save John Sheridan's life by infusing him with some of his life energy after the latter's death, but it would only last for twenty years before his body simply "stops".
  • He has some points of conflict with the Ancients regarding their Policy of Non-Interference. While The Ancients criticise Lorien, citing that the Vorlons and Shadows are perfect examples of why they do not interfere in the lower planes and looking upon him as a 'lower being' not in the same 'Ascended' state as them, Lorien states that their policy of non-interference is part of the reason why certain conflicts got as bad as they did (the Ori), and he dislikes the way they treat their fellow Ancients who break the policy, whereas Lorien cares about the younger First Ones, who in turn up look up to and respect him like a father-figure.

07:30:13 PM Jun 21st 2015
Looks good to me. Can we add him?
04:56:37 AM Jan 3rd 2014
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09:36:05 AM Nov 11th 2013
Is it possible to add Torin from Kyoryuger to be co-god of Ascended Demons? Considering that he was supposed to destroy the world but has been fighting against his Deboth nature since the time of the dinosaurs, going as far as to committing seppuku when brainwashed to prevent himself from hurting the Kyoryugers and then becoming the epic Kyoryu Silver, I say that he should be elevated from High Priest to an equal god with Pathurnax. Anyone agree?
05:55:33 PM Jul 17th 2013
Does anyone here think that Pit from Kid Icarus should have a place here? Maybe as the God of Flightless Angels? I mean, since Hades is here, shouldn't the guy who beat him should be too?
01:14:27 PM Jul 22nd 2013
05:45:41 AM Jun 11th 2013
I have a quick question. Why is the God of Eternal Youth and the God of Regeneration not filed under Life and Death? This Pantheon is already enormous and Life and Death could handle more people. It makes more sense anyway.
05:46:42 AM Jun 11th 2013
.... Sure. That should be more proper.
05:40:57 AM Jun 11th 2013
Does anyone mind if I add to the Drizzit Do'Urden entry? Seems like it was made rather quickly.
09:06:07 AM Jun 11th 2013
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Drizzt Do'Urden, God of Elves (The Hunter, the Warrior Incarnate)
10:07:54 AM Jun 25th 2013
sure. Anything to give it more flavor.
03:53:38 PM May 25th 2013
We need a god for the Ogres. Shrek or Cho'gall?
04:29:16 PM May 25th 2013
01:38:18 AM Apr 11th 2013
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Should we find a god/goddess of Trolls]]? Actually I think it should be a duo to trio (Quartet at most or maybe that is too much?) sharing the title due to the sheer variety that trolls have.
08:47:33 AM Apr 11th 2013
edited by ChrisX
We have Terumi, Izaya and Shion. We're still pending Handsome Jack.
11:51:28 AM Apr 11th 2013
I think he meant the All Trolls Are Different trope.

Unless you're being a metaphorical troll.
04:19:42 AM Apr 12th 2013
I meant the actual race/species. Why would I ask on the Otherness discussion page otherwise?
03:51:03 PM May 25th 2013
Oh god, I think that's a near impossible task!
08:49:00 AM Mar 28th 2013
Anyone else think Jack Frost of Snowlems could be replaced by any of the Shin Megami Tensei Jack Frost variants? I mean, he's not even made of snow, and there are three reasonable candidates: Jack Frost, King Frost, and Black Frost. Of these, I'd favor Black Frost, but what does anyone here think?
07:44:53 PM Mar 21st 2013
edited by CaneCharine
Would it be possible to place Ray (from Princess and the Frog) as the god of Stars Are Souls? Considering that he became a star after sacrificing himself to protect Tiana and Evangeline (his name for the "wishing star", not the other Evangeline in the Pantheon) transformed him into a star, I feel like he can be a good addition (as he's the second star to the right)
06:51:38 AM Mar 9th 2013
Because it got a bit too different take, I've... made it that the deities from the IGA Timeline Castlevania continuity and the Lords Of Shadow continuity to be different altogether. Which means, Dracula/Mathias Cronqvist and Gabriel Belmont this time isn't the same. Which also means, Gabriel CAN be deified with a different portfolio than Dracula.
08:24:01 AM Jan 31st 2013
edited by Voyd211
Can we have Ungoliant as the goddess of Abominations that look like Animals? I'd write it myself, but I'm not sure how well it'd turn out.

(That, and I don't know much about her, having not read the Silmarillion)
04:10:20 PM Dec 28th 2012
edited by slhj
How about Spawn as the God of Horrifying Heroes and Venom as the God of Clingy Costumes.
06:52:47 AM Mar 9th 2013
Ah yeah. I've been thinking of how to get Venom into the Pantheon, that'd be perfect. However... are we talking about the Venom Symbiote... or the various Venom personas (like Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson)? Which one do you think fits more to enter the Pantheon?
10:49:29 PM May 21st 2012
Seems we have duplicate gods for Dark Is Not Evil and Light Is Not Good.

1. Midna (here) and Riku (nature)

2. Mithos (here) and Light of Destruction (Nature)

Who stays and who goes?
12:10:39 AM Apr 8th 2012
Any ideas for Space Elves?

As of now, one of my ideas is Asurmen, leader of the Eldar Phoenix Lords. Barring Tau, the only faction not represented here are the Eldar.
10:14:34 PM Mar 7th 2012
edited by magnum12
Since Shadow got over his issues in Shadow the Hedgehog, his posistion as God of Angst in the House of Emotion is inappropiate. Since he is the Trope Namer for Ultimate Life Form, I notion to move him here as god of ultimate life forms. Problem is, who is a proper replacement for angst?
12:44:32 PM Apr 8th 2012
Probably Sasuke.
08:38:54 PM Apr 8th 2012
Is Sasuke really angsty nowadays? He's more crazy than anything, I suppose.
08:38:13 PM Jun 19th 2012
edited by shadaki
mewtwo maybe? wait. why is angst here? shouldnt it be in philosophy?
07:40:29 PM Feb 26th 2012
I'm trying to think that Rachel could be elevated and shares her position with Alucard, being twin Gods and Goddess of Friendly Vampires. Does Rachel deserve this, or am I just trying to oversature with BlazBlue?
04:29:40 PM Jan 31st 2012
edited by Megafighter3
Torgo as God of Satyrs?
09:16:50 PM Nov 29th 2011
There's an Etrian Odyssey reference under War Mech, but no Muckdile?
08:29:30 PM Sep 19th 2011
The Slender Man should be the god of humanoid abominations.
09:03:28 PM Sep 19th 2011
He is the trope picture, so yeah. I'll do that right away.
07:13:22 AM Jun 19th 2011
About the Martians, would it be okay if the current Gods are replaced by... J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter?
07:27:26 PM Apr 28th 2013
I definitely and fullheartedly agree. Either him or maybe one of the Martians from Mars Attacks!.
12:05:17 AM Mar 30th 2014
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Marvin The Martian should be it if anyone replaces them
07:25:17 PM Oct 20th 2010
edited by AlsoSprachOdin
This troper and his infernal cohorts would like to protest Laharl's position as the patron God of demonkind. A great majority of inhabitants in the hellish territories asserts that demons and devils are not supposed to be "noble". They demand a proper God to represent them by their most honored traditions of Evil, and until that demand is met all services of the The Legions of Hell are suspended, the HellGates are opened wide for free and unsupervised traffic, and authority will not be respected. In other words: Rebellion in Hell.
02:52:07 PM Jul 2nd 2011
Laharl's posistion is one of the God of Noble Demon. Noble Demon is about a specific sub-species of Anti-Villain, not one of demon hood. Laharl's easily one of the better examples of the trope we've got. The only real merit to the argument for removal is being in the wrong house and even then that's simply one for moving to the House of Heroes and Villains.
10:56:28 AM Jul 21st 2010
how exactly does dracula fit the bill in otherness? Despite being supernatural, vampires are relatively mundane to the likes of azathoth
11:00:29 AM Jul 21st 2010
So are Laharl, Astro Boy, Ariel... I think its "gods who represent states of being other than homo sapiens sapiens", rather than "gods who are incomprehensible".
11:51:24 PM Jun 22nd 2010
edited by Lego3400
10:49:47 PM Mar 13th 2010
Since Brian now has been sent to his proper place in the Disgraces, who should replace him as god of Anthromorphism?
05:55:52 PM Mar 16th 2010
I personally feel Tim the Bear fits the bill.
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