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04:21:55 PM Dec 26th 2014
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I wish to suggest Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse from Fairy Tail, as the God of Those Who Look Down on Humanity Despite Once Being One, or just of Boomerang Bigots in general. Despite being human at one point, he now refuses to even see humans as more than insects, and he even hates his fellow Dragons.

This is his profile:

Acnologia, God of Hating The Species He Once Was (Dragon King, Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, Darkwing Acnologia)

Well, what do people think?
04:44:04 PM Dec 26th 2014
04:50:34 PM Dec 26th 2014
He isn't going to go to the forums.
04:56:36 PM Dec 26th 2014
Wait, that actually works now? Awesome! Doing that now.
05:11:11 PM Dec 26th 2014
I've been telling you that for some time.
07:31:59 PM Dec 26th 2014
That's because I could never figure out how to get it to work until now. Literally, I only found it out when I that person provided a link.
06:36:43 PM Oct 11th 2014
As originally posted on the general Trope Pantheon Discussion thread and on the House of Technology discussion thread. Coming to think of it, Ryoma Sengoku would be a perfect fit in the House of Hatred given how he's hated by characters and by fans. Moreover, he's starting to appear on Pantheon pages as an enemy of certain entries and therefore I would like to nominate him into this pantheon. Perhaps he could be the Deity of Morally Bankrupt Scientists...

Ryoma Sengoku, Deity of Morally Bankrupt Scientists (Kamen Rider Duke)
07:36:42 AM Jan 29th 2014
Where is Endolf? The guy's the freaking Knight of Resentment/Hatred and he gets power from hate. In fact, he overpowered Dogold's possession and actually implanted ideas with his resentment.
12:48:13 PM Jan 4th 2014
Why is AM not here it's hatred for humanity should qualify
04:16:37 PM Dec 27th 2013
Is it just me or is Terumi having a lot of crap thrown his way for no reason? It seems to me that he's getting wanked a lot all through out the pantheon. I'm asking for a second opinion but I think his entry and by extension several other entries that he's connected to might need cleaning up.
05:39:23 AM Dec 28th 2013
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Well, it isn't just you. However, he's a troll God, so it is natural that nearly everyone dislikes his guts.

While he could have successes in some parts, you'll have to notice that the Pantheon doesn't work exactly as the BlazBlue world, it's a LOT more savvy, so it makes sense that other Gods wouldn't fall for his bullcraps and even give counters, this'll make Terumi less omnipotent and a payback for him 'wanking' on everyone in the BB cast scots free (until CP climax anyway).

Although I do agree that he's got a LOT of flavor texts detailing EVERY of his 'crimes', so I say we need to pluck out minor non-gamechanging ones so it's less of a hassle to read. Which ones, I dunno. So many to choose.
11:05:31 PM Dec 25th 2013
Should the Dementors be allowed into the pantheon?
11:23:55 PM Dec 25th 2013
Why do you think they belong in the Hatered Pantheon? Wouldn't they be better in the Emotion Pantheon?
10:37:20 AM Dec 26th 2013
My idea was because depression was closer to hatred than actual emotion, but actually, now that I think about it, they probably would do better in the house of Emotion, as its 'Satan' (sort of what the Anti-Monitor is, but on a smaller scale).
11:02:30 PM Jul 9th 2013
Since there's a god listed for Humans Are Bastards referred to as Misanthropy, would it mean we couldn't include a god of the Misanthrope Supreme trope proper?
12:39:53 PM Aug 1st 2013
If anything, Weil should take that spot.
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