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05:05:01 PM May 18th 2014
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I know Sam (as in Sam & Max: Freelance Police) is a police man— er, dog, but are there any more-prominent kleptomaniacal heroes now that Motochika has left this house?
12:02:30 PM Mar 24th 2014
Would Garrett from Thief have potential as a God here? I could see him as a Kelpto Hero or Impossible Thief.
07:50:56 PM May 4th 2013
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Here's my proposed entry for the previous one:

Anavel Gato, Patron Saint of Mecha Hijackers (The Nightmare of Solomon)

If there are no objections within this week, please append this to the Crime page.
07:36:10 AM May 5th 2013
Is hijacking really about crimes? Remember that it was last time called 'Gundamjack'... how 'crimey' is that?
08:55:13 PM May 8th 2013
In legal terms yes, hijacking is a crime. The nature and penalties thereof depends on which country you are on.

As for hijacking mechs though, methinks they had a "retrieve-or-destroy-on-sight" order...
03:05:28 AM Aug 3rd 2013
No objections here, but you should totally write a note in about him someone hijacking a Mega Zord from one of the Power Rangers...
01:12:57 PM May 3rd 2013
We still need a god for the Russian mob and one for the Yakuza.
01:32:19 PM May 4th 2013
I suggested Balalaika for The Mafiya in the main pantheon discussion board but nobody went along with it. Maybe a well-written entry to be judged would help.

Yakuza, however, I am not sure who'd be the best candidate.
08:08:53 AM May 1st 2013
Any thoughts of appending a Patron Saint for Mecha Hijackers? I nominate for the post "The Nightmare of Solomon" Anavel Gato...
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