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01:44:45 AM Mar 30th 2015
i want to add some story to the book of trope, here a prologue, if you got any suggestion please comment:

The newspaper of an Unreliable Narrartor

Year 2014,23th of March

The mysterious disappearance of the treasure in the vault

It's has been a fine day today, as the ever-expanding blue sky cover the Pantheon.

As always, this place have always been as "peaceful" as ever, with everyday a new story.

I,Aya Shameimaru ,the traditional reporter of fantasy who also know as the Goddess of Paparazzi News And Rumors, has vowed to myself to report everything as the fastest newspaper in the entire Pantheon.

Today, as i has been collecting material for today, i has come over to the vault following the instinct of a reporter.

As i seen the entire house of Defense flustering over something,i immediately knew there'll be an interesting story. As i continue collecting the information, i have been informed that some valuable and dangerous artifacts have been mysteriously disappear.

This is such a surprising news as the Vault is the safest place in the Pantheon.As you have to pass through the many lever of dungeon manage by GLaDOS, bypassed numerous system installed by various member of the House that make it pretty much the condensation of science and magic in the field of protection and safety.

"We have implementing uncoutable defensive and detection system to prevent the incedent from happening in the first place, but it'll not affect our reputation as we have successfully prevented any attempt to infitrated since the beginning of our establisment to the Pantheon before this event.We do intended to raise the protection as much as we can to prevent this thing from happening again in the future." The president of a certain foundation said.

What will happen to the missing artifacts?, will the House be able to get it back?.The reliable reporter of your will constantly update the information to you in the following article.

(Aya Shameimaru)

08:16:18 PM Mar 14th 2015
As someone who only recently discovered the Pantheon, what would be a good reading order of all the pantheon stuff? It's like coming into a long-runner anime in the middle and not understanding anything anyone is saying or doing, or even why.
03:37:05 AM Mar 15th 2015
Start with the main pantheon page, maybe. I don't know this one very well.
12:16:23 PM Mar 15th 2015
I tried that, via the "Book of Trope", but (in terms of the anime analogy) it still felt like I missed a whole bunch of episodes. Maybe I'm just slow... :(
08:36:04 PM Feb 21st 2015
I probably won't be doing much work myself on this, but I was wondering if it's a good idea to have a story in the Tales Of Life covering the grand Food Fight that cause the House of Food to explode after Teams RWBY and JNPR took part in it.

It's just that I can see other Gods clashing with them in hilarious ways, like Weiss Schnee and Sayaka Miki (don't know why I picked her of all Goddesses) dueling with swordfish, Pinkie Pie countering Nora Valkyrie's storm of watermelons with hurled confectioneries, and so on.
12:44:49 PM Feb 18th 2014
edited by
have an idea for a new Tale of Battle, but I wanted to make sure it was OK to add one first. Basically, some member of the pantheon finds out exactly what the Council of Shadows has been planning all this time, and tries to warn everyone. May or may not involve a major role of Emmett, God of LEGO. Permission to write?
05:00:45 PM Feb 18th 2014
Does it the plot include all of the Shadow Council?
07:30:30 AM Feb 19th 2014
Guess it would have to. If it can't, I guess I could alter my idea a little.
09:05:43 PM Feb 20th 2014
...It doesn't have to be; A majority of the Shadow Council are villains. Care to elaborate more?
05:07:12 AM Feb 21st 2014
I got a rough draft of Part One, and so a basic plot:

One fine day, Emmett is in the House of Mentalism. He takes a wrong turn and winds up listening in on a Council meeting. Like anyone who does this, he is thoroughly confused, but he does know two things: It's nefarious, and it's nothing like they've ever tried before. Now it is a race to find out what's going on, and to stop it. Basically, think The Da Vinci Code with LEGO.

As for it being mostly villains, I hope to have a fairly large subplot involving Batman, a member of the Council who happens to be a good guy and a friend of Emmett.
07:00:43 AM Feb 21st 2014
Sounds good so far.
07:20:54 AM Feb 21st 2014
So I can write it then? Just got to figure out how to add a page (unless you think it would fit better as something else)...
10:14:13 PM Feb 2nd 2014
What happened to the "God Of Professional Wrestling" story? That story was awesome.
12:52:30 AM Feb 3rd 2014
It was removed due to using real life people by the original author.
04:10:43 AM Feb 12th 2014
Well, that amongst other things.
05:08:48 AM Jan 17th 2014
Did the Tobi story suddenly got to a halt? I mean, it hasn't been updated for a wook or so and it has done no one has yet demote him.
06:00:16 AM Jan 17th 2014
Oh, good now that you mentioned it.

We're still looking for inputs from you guys. After that was given to Tobi, how would he be written to the Fallen? That's the question. Any suggestion?
07:02:46 AM Jan 24th 2014
Since Tobi has been officially demoted, is the story ment to continue or is that it?
06:45:19 PM Jan 12th 2014
In case this page overloads, can we split the other Tales stories?
06:20:49 PM Jan 20th 2014
When I meant that, I mean having the Tales of Life or the Tales of Ascension having their own page.
04:59:43 PM Jan 12th 2014
I have an idea for a story arc. It's... something of a Fix Fic that may 'shake' what may be allowed in the Pantheon.

This arc would basically star in members of The Horde, especially Thrall. Basically he's seen how much Azeroth has been constantly screwed, like Cataclysm making respectable lore Gods into PVP raid bosses just because... as well as how much the events of Mists of Pandaria twisted his friend Jaina into... that kind of Horde-hating racist. When his campaign to destroy Garrosh didn't completely solve the problem and instead had him go to the past and bring an alternate-universe Old Horde for the 'Warlords of Draenor', Thrall was disgusted.

"Until when am I to be forced to see the lores of my culture... my world... the personality of the people I care of... all ruined... for nothing but 'Good PVP!' 'Raid Boss!' 'Relevance!'. They've done that to the Dragonflight... then Jaina... are they going to do the same to Grom, Durotan and the others!?"

But... this sparked an idea for Thrall. In the Pantheon, it seemed that he has found a better, idealistic view of characters. Then Garrosh's time travel and 'Alternate Universe' Old Horde inspired him to do the same in the Pantheon. He's going to propose a time travel with Cosmos that allows Gods to be taken from their portrayal of the past, before something of 'Jumping the Shark' happened and ruined characterization. This would be a quest where the GUAG ensures that bad writings will not be able to touch Pantheon standing. And hoping that it is more 'idealistic' instead of plunging things into Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy. By this, it would make it possible to elevate someone like Jaina Proudmoore before she went crazy in Mists of Pandaria. Or even Illidan Stormrage before he's reduced to that crazy PVP Boss in Burning Crusade.

The more positive Gods, including the Super Robot Wars Gods, would agree and help Thrall, seeing that Azeroth could use some punch in the gut and fix them for making a better world with friendship and not be affected with "Will this make a good PVP stuff?".

What do you think?
12:40:52 PM Mar 14th 2015
This seriously needs to happen. The gameplay is good these days for World of Warcraft, the story... has problems.
12:27:41 PM Dec 24th 2013
Story Idea:

(Don't have a title yet) The Disgraces attempt to arrange the death of the Status Quo. And no, this isn't a remake of Axe to the Face, because the Pantheons are stopping them before they do. Agents redeemed from the Disgraces must temporarily return to infiltrate the Disgraces and stop their plot from ever coming to be.

The Status Quo (and, by extension, the Pantheons) depends on their success!

(A bit inspired by James Bond)
05:11:13 PM Dec 1st 2013
edited by
Need a writer for a few story ideas I have.

-Tales of The Disgraces: 1. The Disgrace of Teppei Houjou. Some details of it are in his portfolio. The part where the most help is needed is in the Enemy Mine Scenario. I have the basic skeleton written down. Just need a better writer to flesh it out.

Mutual hatred of Teppei brings about an Enemy Mine scenario between Rika and Bernkastel after an exceptionally cruel act of abuse against Satako. —> Becomes an exceptionally nasty "Trollkaiger" strike when Bernkastel and Basco troll Shion with "an old friend" —> Exceptionally nasty Hinimizawa Syndrome Freak Out! —> Rika was prepared for something like this and discusses her back up plan with Valvatorez —> Valvatorez knows about Hinimizawa meds and asks Artina (due to her being a medic when she was human) to deal it out —> Artina overpowers Shion and gives the injection —> Artina is basically put on speed dial if any of the "club members" enter their "infected state".

-Tales of Redemption:

1. Shion's Redemption: Basically, some high profile higurashi blog did a character analysis on Shion and is actively trying to get people to associate Shion with her normal traits, making a point that she's only a psycho when Hinimizawa Syndrome kicks in. This is evidence for her redemption and joining her sister as twin gadflies.

With Trollkaiger on the rise, I think its time they got a story arc detailing how they came to be and their trolling antics. Chapters include

1. Origins: How they came to be.

2. Nice Boat: Targets the School Days trio. Features Terumi and Izaya.

3. Trolling Homer: Target Homer Simpson. See his portfolio. Features Terumi, Handsome Jack, and Basco.

4. Gooby Pls: Target is Donald Duck. Features Terumi, Bernkastel, and Izaya.

5. It's Goofy Time: Target is Goofy. Features Handsome Jack and Basco.

6. Laharl Idol: Target is Laharl. Features Terumi, Izaya, and Handsome Jack.

7. Otaku's Nightmare: Target is Flonne and her newly aquired Magical Girl powers (Pure Pink) by sending her a copy of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Features Bernkastel, Handsome Jack, and Izaya.

8. The Usurper: Bernkastel Star Screams Terumi.

9. Sno PING AS usual: Target is Dr. Egg Man. Features Izaya, Basco, and Bernkastel.

10. The Most Dangerous Troll: Trollkaiger (all of them attempts their most high risk and most destructive troll ever (to both themselves and the Pantheon as a whole). The target is non-other than Overlord Zenon. To put this into perspective, Zenon is amonst the few beings that would give people like Zetta and Gig pause due to how dangerous she is.

Note that the tone of this arc is supposed to be darkly funny. Since I'm no writer, I'll just add in ideas for someone else to try and make funny.
02:37:03 AM Apr 23rd 2013
I have plans to write a story based on the event on Noel's Pantheon page, her defeat at the hands of Vergil. There's a continuing story concept I may or may not branch off from it.
03:53:23 AM Apr 23rd 2013
Very nice. You can work on it!
05:36:16 AM Apr 24th 2013
Should it go into the Book of Trope or the Tales of the Alliance?
07:08:09 AM Apr 24th 2013
I think Book of Trope will do.
06:51:41 PM May 9th 2013
TALES of ascension is the section you need to write it on, as it does take place onVergil's ascension.
11:13:52 AM Jan 22nd 2013
Wrote a new story at Tales of Life in order to take a small break from Axe To The Face. Tell me what you think :)
06:37:41 PM Feb 9th 2013
Funny! Good work.
09:38:53 AM Feb 11th 2013
thanks :)
04:33:54 PM Feb 17th 2013
How many more do you think you'll make?
07:57:53 AM Feb 21st 2013
Depends if I can come up with a good idea or not.
10:11:34 AM Nov 27th 2012
So, is a story of redemption only for ascendant disgraces, or can it be for ascendant Fallen too? If so, I had penned one Littlefoot:

Littlefoot strolled out of the accursed pit, a tired but elated look on his face. Waiting to greet him were a multitude of Disney characters, Don Bluth characters, and characters from his own series, who cheered at his arrival. Littlefoot nodded in appreciation, and then turned his gaze his old friends. A smile broke out on his face. "I've missed you guys so much," he said, walking over to his little group. "Yeah, can't blame you. I'd miss me too," Cera said, pulling him into a hug. Ruby gave the longneck a bemused, proud smile. "So. 'God of Sequels', huh?" "And Sequelitis, don't forget," Littlefoot said. "It was part of the deal for me getting the post." Cera snickered. "I'm not surprised. Redemption or not, you're never gonna live all this down, longneck. None of us are." Littlefoot's smile faded a little at this, his eyes passing between his six companions with a look of regret. "... I'm so sorry for all this, you guys. Really. I had no idea it would get taken as far as it did..." "Hey." Littlefoot looked up. It was Balto. He strolled over and placed a paw on Littlefoot's shoulder. "The money the Land Before Time sequels made kept our animation studio alive, Littlefoot. My sequels wouldn't have been made if it weren't for you." "I never would have gotten my sequel without you, either," said Wilbur, Charlotte perched on his snout. "And I wouldn't have gotten any movies period," Curious George added with a shrug. "And besides," Petrie chimed in, flying up to perch on Littlefoot's head. "In the end, our sequels not so bad, right?" A silence immediately fell over everyone present, with his friends looking particularly uncomfortable. Petrie tapped his fingers nervously at the silence he had caused. "...Uh... B-by direct to video standards, me mean," he added with a nervous smile. There was some rather awkward and reluctant sounding agreement to this from crowd of animated well wishers. A few people muttered 'the last one was' under their breath. Littlefoot looked over his shoulder at the gaping Fallen pit, lingering for a moment. The pit had been his refuge from his crimes for five long years. It was hard to believe he was finally free... "You okay?" Chomper asked, causing Littlefoot to snap back to attention. "Yeah. I'm fine... And I'm ready," he said, standing up a little straighter. He took a deep breath, trying to put his mistakes behind him, and began to head to his new station at the Hall of Theater. His six companions followed, while the other animated characters watched them march off. "Well," they heard Littlefoot say as they were almost out of earshot, the sun setting over their silhouettes. "Looks like I got a new position of power to go abuse, huh?" "Oh, please," Cera laughed, her voice fading in the distance. "I would love to see that. I'm surprised they didn't give you the title of 'God of Boyscouts'." "Ooo, Cera has a point Littlefoot, yep yep yep!" Spike gave a bellow of agreement, and the gang of dinosaurs all started laughing, including Littlefoot himself. The crowd of animated characters saw their outlines fade into in the distance.
10:18:47 AM Nov 28th 2012
Okay, seeing it on here makes me realize it needs to be much shorter.

07:05:36 PM Dec 10th 2012
Littlefoot strolled out of the accursed pit, a tired but elated look on his face. Waiting to greet him were a multitude of Disney characters, Don Bluth characters, and characters from his own series, who cheered at his arrival. Littlefoot nodded in appreciation, and then turned his gaze his old friends. A smile broke out on his face. "I've missed you guys so much," he said, walking over to his little group, pulling them all together for a hug. "We missed you too, Littlefoot. We did, we did." "So. 'God of Sequels', huh?" Cera asked with a bemused smirk "And Sequelitis, don't forget," Littlefoot said. "It was part of the deal for me getting the post. " His smile faded a little as he said this, his eyes passing between his six companions with a look of regret. "... I'm so sorry for all this, you guys. Really. I had no idea it would get taken as far as it did..." "Hey." Littlefoot looked up. It was Balto. He strolled over and placed a paw on Littlefoot's shoulder. "The money the Land Before Time sequels made single handedly kept our animation studio alive, Littlefoot. My sequels wouldn't have been made if it weren't for you." "I never would have gotten my sequel without you, either," said Wilbur, Charlotte perched on his snout. "And I wouldn't have gotten any movies period," Curious George added with a shrug. Littlefoot gave a tiny, distracted nod of gratitude, and then looked over his shoulder at the gaping Fallen pit. The pit had been his refuge from his crimes for five long years. It was hard to believe he was finally free... "You okay?" Chomper asked, causing Littlefoot to snap back to attention. "Yeah. I'm fine... And I'm ready," he said, standing up a little straighter. He took a deep breath; it was finally time to put his mistakes behind him. He began to head to his new station at the Hall of Theater. His six companions followed, while the other animated characters watched as their outlines faded into the distance.

Okay, here's a trimmed version. I may still need to trim it even more, though.
06:55:03 PM Jun 1st 2012
Seeking permission to write a patheon story that is similar to Age of mythology with blatant rts mechanics.

Story will focus on a plot by the disgraces, and possibly some members of the fallen to bring down the pantheon via the mortal plain.

I have additional mechanical information available, Basic characters bios, and plot outline ready if anyone wants more information before giving the okay.
03:51:55 PM Jun 4th 2012
Plot sounds similar to Operation Axe To The Face.
03:51:59 PM Jun 6th 2012
Not intending for it to be the same. The Pantheon gods are moderatly important characters in this one. Te ones who do the heavy lifting are the mortal servants unless it really hits the fan.

It actually starts (Prolouge) during the disgraces rain of Terror on the Mortal plain during operation Axe to the face. The Disgraces servants lay siege to the city of Troperville. In the midst of the battle however some unknown power drives the disgraces mortal servants from the walls. Flash forward roughly twenty mortal years later and troperville is once more threatened by the disgraces while rumors grow of an internal threat as some have tried to discover who or what it was who saved the city when the Gods were depowered.

Need more information?
10:46:22 AM Jul 31st 2012
If you can make it good, then go ahead.
04:17:05 PM Feb 26th 2012
Would anyone like to do a Tale of Ascension Story for Asura?
04:57:15 AM Jan 10th 2012
edited by Sorantheman
I just noticed that there was a new Tale of Acsension called "The Redemption Rumble" and i decided to give it a read. After reading it from begining to end, I had a few issues with it that I would like to bring up. I would first like to note that this is just my personall opinion and that I'm not here to cause any troubles with whoever wrote this. Simply stating what issues I had with it.

  • Firts of all I find it a bit odd that Hogan would put his godhood on the line against Dolph Ziggler considering the state of his mortal coil wich ranges from econimic problems, health problems and so forth. There's not mutch or any implication that he would have a reason to do this since there is nothing for him to gain in case he should win. No increased status in his godhood, no title, nothing. Usually when a wrestler puts his career on the line, there is something big to gain, like the world title, a chanse to break the Undertakers streak or to end a VERY heated fued, usually if the other person goes along to do the same should he/she lose. It's just a bit odd that the Hulkster would willingly put himself in a situation where he has nothing to gain and everything to loose and where his opponent got nothing to loose and everything to gain. Aslo find it weird that his nosell mode just ended out of nowhere.
  • Second: I find it odd that after Cody Rhodes cashed in the MITB, the anouncer simply gives Dolph Ziggler the title as God of Selling. There is not mutch of an explanation that Dolph sold the hits he took so awesomely that the gods were THAT impressed in order to make him a diety. Does the announcer have that power? Did the Main House send him a telepathic message? This is not explained really...
  • Third: Though I do belive that Zack Ryder is a talented wrestler, I do also think that there are many more deserving of the title as God of Highflyers in terms of athletic skills and abilities. Ryder is too mutch of a mixed bag for me in order to be considered a high flyer.
  • Fourth: I have a VERY hard time to belive that the people would side with X-pac just because of a friendly face-speech and because JBL cashed in the second MITB briefcase. Considering that he was helping the WWE from destruction during the Invasion, an angle were the WWE were in danger of being completley destroyed by 2 rivaling companies, and people were STILL booing him and considering that massive ammounts of controversity that sorounds his past and present life I think that they would have cheered JBL if anything. Waltmans heat is just that strong. Hell, the last time he was mentioned in WWE television nearly anybody knew who he was and the 12 people who did were booing him aswell. By the way: Didn't he try to steal the title as God of Wrestling with the help of the Disgraces, a faction that clear intentions of claiming the entire Pantheon as their own?! Kinda hard to forgive something like that in my oppinion...
  • 5th: Why would the Pantheon invite the Disgraces to the House of Sport in order to settle their scores?! Let me once again referr to the last story I made called "The God of Wrestling is crowned", a story that this story refeers to at times. The entire audience filled with gods and mortals alike had them beaten up for trying to steal a title of Godhood. I can understand inviting people who are part of The Fallen or the Purgator, but that Disgraces?! It's like having Hitler and Mousolini fight in Madison Square Garden wile the audience is crawling with Allied Forces! And why would they settle their differences in a Royal Rumble? Only two gods of the Disgraces has anything to do with wrestling. It would make far more sense if they were godmodding, autohitting and other Sueish stuff against eachothers in some battlefield considering that mixed nature of that group, or hell basickly any group of the pantheon.
  • Issue number 6: Why would the Gooker of all people put HIS godhood on the line?! Sure, he's one of the Disgraces and probably one of the more mocked gods, but his godhood is all he has going for him! At least Hogan has his nostalgia value and last shreds of fame and money left, but the Gooker has nothing of value as a mortal! Was he Forced? Was he high?! Is he just that moronic? Same issue with Hogan: Why put yourself in a situation where you have NOTHING to gain and EVERYTHING to loose?!
  • Seventh issue: How come that Ric flair lost his godhood when he lost the match? Did he make the same deal as the Gooker and Hogan did? Why was it even necessary when there is no implications of severe fueding between him and Shawn that would have to lead to this? He is in almost as bad of a situation in the mortal world as Hogan is so loosing your godhood seems like a very bad thing. This aswell as the Hogan and Gooker situation makes little to no sense to me.
  • 8th: Why is Silver here when somebody is already working out a redemption story for him?
  • 9th: Though JBL is a great heel, I do belive that one could find some better candidates for the title as God of Heels.
  • 10th: How come that Shawn still has issues with Bret Hart? I thought they already have made up.

Though I greatly disliked this story for these reasons and a few more, there were things I did infact enjoy:
  • I did like a few suggestions on some new Gods. Those were Shawn Michaels and Ricky Steamboat.
  • I liked how Randy Orton was fighting in Barney's place, considering the relation he has with him.

As a final verdict, I sadly have to say that this wasn't all that good of a story in my oppinion. It had too many issues and flaws for me to enjoy. It felt a bit rushed and could have used some more time in order to explain a couple of things aswell as trying to fix a few problems it had. I also belive that the suggestions of who leaves the Pantheon is a bit to big in order to simply be announced like that by one person alone. In my opinion, it should either be removed or have some major improvements on it. But that is not for me to decide alone. I would like to hear the oppinions of the people here in the Discussion before any action is taken.

Jesus Christ, this was a long review!
08:48:49 PM Jan 10th 2012
edited by Megafighter3
The story has been deleted for now and I've taken your issues into consideration, here are a few notes I hope will answer some of your questions.

  • 2: Yeah, this was the fault of my lack of description skills and some bad pacing on my part.
  • 3: This was mostly just because Ryder doesn't really have much else in terms of unused Tropes. We should let him keep it until he finds another spot.
  • 4: Again, this was because I didn't put enough meat on the bone, so it didn't come off as heartfelt. This is somewhere a better writer could have improved.
  • 8: I'm the one working on the Redemption story for Silver and threw him in there as filler.
  • 9: I picked JBL due to an article he wrote on his blog about the Essence of Being a Heel.
  • 10: This isn't so much "issues" as it is "Shawn wants to title of God of Wrestling" and setting up them having a match for it.

Hope it helps, I wouldn't mind having you beta the work.
09:24:08 AM Jan 31st 2012
Welp, January is coming to an end and it looks like the story will have to go on the backburner for a while. If you want to add anyone from the story as a God independently, be my guest. I'll see about rewriting it next year.
02:39:30 PM Oct 10th 2011
edited by Megafighter3
I'm trusting someone more aware of the Warhammer verse to finish Marneus' attack on the Sons of Ward. Some notes for characters to use.

  • Marneus: Of course.
  • Spike: Gets in a fight with Edward and wins.
  • Suzaku: Helps on the orders of Captain America.
  • Mara Jade: Turns on the rest of the Knights and enters Purgatory.
08:50:33 AM Feb 9th 2012
I could do it, but I know near to nothing on Mara Jade.
09:11:42 AM Feb 9th 2012
01:04:26 PM Oct 6th 2011
So, while the pages say that the position of God of Wrestling will be decided by a 4-man Hell in a Cell match, I think that's a tad unfair to the other wrestlers in the Pantheon. So, I've devised a story idea. An 8-man tournament to decide the God of Wrestling. A few notes on the story for whoever wants it.

  • Participants: Undertaker, Edge, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, CM Punk and Bret Hart.

  • The Gobbledy Gooker and Sean Waltman will try to force their way into the tournament in the first chapter, but will just get squashed.

  • I've booked the winner to be Bret Hart. How that comes about is up to you guys.
01:59:22 PM Nov 11th 2011
I think we can pull together something preety epic with this...
10:03:59 AM Dec 14th 2011
I know I'm late to say this, but I have finished the story. Hope you guys like it.
03:13:21 AM May 14th 2011
Hm, here's an interesting topic. I would like to set up some small-version of internal strife within the GUAG. Nothing too big that would quake their strength, but...

I need several Gods to be on the camp of 'Suspicious with Litchi', as in believing that her obsession would stick and would never get her out of the Token Evil Teammates. I can already see Hakumen and Garrus being part of the club. But... who's in?

Just to prevent insinuations of 'Everybody loves Litchi'...
02:27:28 AM May 15th 2011
Batman's definitely in since he's always in the shadows.

Others may include:

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Genryuusai Yamamoto (I don't know if I spelled his first name correctly.)
  • Obi-Wan
07:17:07 PM May 15th 2011
edited by ChrisX
Wright would more likely try to defend Litchi or make her receive the 'Not Guilty' verdict. If anything, such kind of haters would be on Franziska von Karma. We'd need a less scruplous attorney for that role. (Because admit it, the only one Phoenix would try not to get the 'Not Guilty' verdict is Matt Engarde.) Failing that, there's always the Turian Councillor. "Ah yes, 'Litchi is selfless and not obsessed'! A notion to signify that this woman is in fact selfless to sacrifice herself for one man, even to the point of discarding her inherent goodness! We have dismissed that claim."

Batman wouldn't be openly opposing like Hakumen (pissed that she blocked him) or Garrus (pissed that she caused him to get scarred), but aside of that, it fits his Dark Knight mold, just like he'll take the blame of 'killing Harvey Dent', he'll have to take the blame of 'blaming Litchi' while in the shadows, he's still believing her.
01:18:49 AM May 6th 2011
If anything, I think the Tales Of Alliance needs its own page as it's getting into its own ongoing series... who's with me?
09:48:33 AM May 6th 2011
I'm definitely with you on this one.
04:24:05 PM May 7th 2011
edited by CommanderCross
As am i, Chris and Rawpower.

So where can i find the skeleton needed to set up Silena Beauregard and Charles Beckendorf in the list to join the Pantheon, in a shared position for the House of Love?

That said, they aren't going to replace Moka or her lover, honest, although i'd like to see them in the same house.
10:26:15 PM Apr 28th 2011
Due to the recent events, we'll need to place Tsubaki Yayoi amongst the Pantheon. So in what house will she be and what shall be her portfolio?

Of course, just like Litchi, she will be put in the Token Evil Teammate place, until she voices an official Heel–Face Turn in the actual universe.
11:23:05 AM May 1st 2011
If its alright for me to make a request, i would like to know which house would the Campers of Camp Half-Blood be allowed to enter, exactly? I am actually eager to see where Perseus(Percy) Jackson and his two first cousins, Thalia(of the hunters of Artemis!) and Nico Di Angelo would fit in, particularly speaking. Or perhaps it may be best suited to only have one of the 3 on the list, as Percy would most likely refuse godhood.

Also, where would Clarisse La Rue(one of Ares' daughters) fit in, exactly?
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