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08:28:05 PM Jan 24th 2014
Current Watchmen example:

In Watchmen, all of the plot, flashbacks aside, is set after the Super Registration Act, so a lot of the crime-fighting of The Minutemen and the Crimebusters is actually depicted offscreen, but some of the fights and acts are talked upon by lots of characters, and various events are retold by various points of view, and others are just mentioned a moment. Most of the flashbacks flesh out those events.

I'm going to delete the reference to Crimebusters, because it makes no sense. There was no crimefighting by the Crimebusters, because that team never existed. Captain Metropolis called a meeting of all the costumed crimefighters who were active at that time and proposed a new organization called Crimebusters, but they turned him down and left. That was the end of the idea.
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