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12:05:15 AM Oct 5th 2015
Do the examples for Sailor Moon Crystal really count as being "Off Model" if they were inbetween frames?
02:46:28 PM Dec 6th 2012
"* Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is consistently good, but off-model animation generally follows a big Animation Bump. Episode 6 did this, with the gorgeous fight against Scanty and Kneesocks ending with anime's least detailed explosion and heavily stylized animation for the remainder of the episode."

the explosion was intentionally like that. you'd recognize the style if you had seen Dead Leaves, whose climax was animated by the same guy (Yasunori Miyazawa), the same way. Hiroyuki Imaishi specifically picked him, not because they 'ran out of budget' but because he loves weird styles.

look up Miyazawa sometimes and watch some of his work, it will make sense if you see it all back-to-back.
07:09:42 PM Oct 29th 2012
Deleted Blue Eyes for Pokemon's Misty example. On its disambiguation page, Blue Eyes has been split into six tropes. Please replace with one of those only if applicable. (i.e it fits the symbolism as well as the color)
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