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07:04:58 PM Apr 20th 2013
I pulled this example:

  • The dreaded manticore of Which Way Adventure can be startling to those who are not expecting it (and you will not be expecting it) but woe betide the poor fool who goes to the circus and chooses to become a manticore keeper without knowing about it in advance. Anyone who has already encountered the manticore knows that this option is basically suicide, so it's more entertaining than scary. However, the oblivious find themselves faced with a sleeping hellspawned beast, and are given the option to either hold their breath, look for something to feed it, sneak past it or simply stay very still. Regardless of which option you choose, the manticore wakes up and stares at you evilly, which is punctuated by an ominous scare chord. Again, you are given the four options, and again, none of them work...and once you've made your choice, you are treated to a terrifying roar, a close-up of the manticore's face, and your death.
    • Also, the ship. Normally, being here means you're on one of the (many) paths that allow you to "win" the game. However, if you make your way here after the world is laid to ruin by a time-travelling Hitler (don't ask) you end up in a much darker area, and if you look closely, when you're about to go into the ship's bridge you can just about make out a face peering at you from the shadows ahead. There is no option to go back at this point; either you stop playing the game or you walk straight into the jaws of what turns out to be a zombie, again, complete with nightmarish close-up and sudden, horrible screech. Thankfully, this is followed by a brief but amusing sequence where you become a zombie yourself and go out in search of brains, which kind of takes the edge off.
      • Also also, arachnophobes are sure to have a field day with the path where you fall asleep and are turned into a butterfly and end up trapped in a spider web and no matter what option you choose a spider quickly descends upon you and eats you alive. Sweet dreams.
      • This troper tried the bit with the Manticore and was unimpressed. Then, when starting a new game, he chose the manhole, and OMGITSTHATMANTICOREAGAIN! I have no idea if this was a glitch or not...
      • It's not a glitch. This troper saw a video of it, and figured out that every time you get killed by a manticore, you have to face it twice before being able to play again.
        • Not every time. If you get the elusive "DOUBLE GAME OVER" by being killed by both the manticore and a giant spider, then I guess the game takes pity on you.

Firstly, it's a mess of Natter and incorrect Example Indentation. Secondly, I have no idea what the example is supposed to be about. If you would like to re-add the entry, then please re-write it first so that it's coherent and formatted properly.
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