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05:55:24 PM May 22nd 2015
So, I think a change of pictures would be necessary for this. Preferably, a close-up of Korra in the season 3 finale.
01:11:38 AM May 23rd 2015
09:59:06 AM May 26th 2015
Because there are quite a few more disturbing things than Amon accepting Korra's invitation.
11:07:30 AM May 26th 2015
Well, if it's much better than the current it may make a worthwhile Image Picking thread.
02:20:06 AM Jun 8th 2012

Well, as one troper said, I shouldn't delete entries because I disagree with them. So, let's discuss it here.

The entry I disagree with is the following:

"Korra's reaction to Ikki blowing her crush on Mako to Asami is "I'M COMPLETELY CALM!" levels of both funny and terrifying."

Unable to find a shorter clip of the reaction in question, I link this following video, which shows it (to 0:05 only ; afterwards, it's just edited material).

While I perfectly agree that Korra's reaction was funny (if not hilarious), I really don't see why it should be on the Nightmare Fuel page. The moment in itself was designed to be funny, not scary in my opinion. Yes, it may have been startling for some people. Yes, it's clearly over the top. But is it a Nightmare Fuel ? According to the description of this trope, I don't think so. One could argue that it IS Accidental Nightmare Fuel I guess, but in that case I think that the entry should be rewritten to reflect that.
05:54:35 AM Jun 8th 2012
I just wanted to make a topic about that too, because I completely agree with you. I don't think it's Nightmare Fuel either. I guess that's the problem of shifting High Octane Nightmare Fuel, Nightmare Fuel, Accidental Nightmare Fuel etc. around in a relatively short period of time. But as it is, Nightmare Fuel is what used to be High Octane Nightmare Fuel, meaning stuff that's creepy and intended to be creepy.

In this case, the "YMMV" relates to whether you find the intentionally creepy scene creepy. For example, maybe you don't find Amon creepy. However, he definitely IS intended to be creepy, therefore, he is Nightmare Fuel.

Korra's reaction was not intended to be creepy, it was intended to be funny. If you find it creepy, it's Accidental Nightmare fuel, not actual Nightmare Fuel. So I think we should delete it.
07:45:19 AM Jun 8th 2012
^Actually, Nightmare Fuel is the Audience Reaction for all scary things. In-Universe Nightmare Fuel is either The Dreaded or something similar or just People Sit on Chairs.
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