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11:25:13 AM May 9th 2014
"Coupled with each Pokémon appearance, features, and Pokédex description, the Walking Pokémon feature is a Fridge Horror magner: "TYPHLOSION is having a fun time rolling around in the grass"; "WAILORD jumped for joy"; "MUK suddenly hugged you!"; "GYARADOS is making a face like it's angry"; "CHARMANDER is splashing around in the water"; "SHEDINJA turned its back to you defiantly"; and so on." I don't know if that's just me, but i find those examples hilarious, not scary in the slightest.
11:23:51 PM Apr 11th 2012
What in the world happened to this page? All those examples suddenly got nuked off the face of the internet or something?
09:52:57 AM Apr 15th 2012
Yeah. I wonder too. This page was massive with 10+ folders if I remember right and tons of examples? Where did it go?
10:01:37 AM Apr 15th 2012
The Nightmare Fuel namespace in general was nuked.
12:40:37 PM Apr 17th 2012
Is there a way to get it back (like in an archive or something)? I liked those pages... ;(
05:11:34 AM Apr 18th 2012
They got rid of Nightmare Fuel? Guess the continued efforts to remove as much fun from this site as possible.
01:49:12 PM Apr 20th 2012
So it's completely irretrievable? Does anyone know why it got nuked in the first place?
07:53:32 PM Apr 27th 2012
Because the mods are sucking the fun out of everything, that's why.

.... Well, actually, it was because of some sort of "clean-up" thing because they thought that the NF pages were being abused or whatever.
02:18:31 AM Apr 29th 2012
edited by strawberryflavored
This page is hoing to be used for the NF examples once the new NF cleanup begins. See this thread.
09:28:58 AM Apr 29th 2012
Perhaps instead of complaining about things on a discussion page that no one who can actually answer your questions or act on your concerns will see in a timely manner, you should try visiting the Workshops, where you can actually get information and participate in the decision-making process?

Just a thought.
10:07:20 AM May 9th 2012
The page is back, YES!
05:36:26 AM May 17th 2012
Can someone index this into the new nightmare fuel page?
07:05:50 AM May 17th 2012
^Not on that page. Here: NightmareFuel.Video Games.
01:46:20 PM Oct 31st 2011
Here's an interesting thing- while I was reading the Nightmare Fuel page, my brother suddenly started screaming for no reason. He wasn't in this room, but still. Scared the jeebies out of me.
07:45:31 AM Aug 22nd 2011
How do I reply to one of the things listed?
01:45:19 PM Oct 31st 2011
Press 'reply to topic above'.
11:54:09 PM Jul 7th 2011
Lots of duplicate examples, help with cleanup would be appreciated. AND STOP USING THIS TROPER!
11:26:01 AM May 9th 2014
this troper
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