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03:54:08 PM Feb 23rd 2013
"Pick a Nine Inch Nails video. Almost any NIN video."

This is just not going to work if all the links are broken, there's going to need to be more description here.
04:55:24 AM Feb 24th 2013
I replaced it with what I found on Music Videos:

  • While "Closer" is deeply unsettling, the best example of their (his?) work is "Deep", in which lead singer Trent Reznor drives around in his car, looking like one of the Uruk-Hai creatures from Lord of the Rings, due to the fact that he had stolen a valuable safe, and was sprayed with a toxic dye that won't come out.
  • "Happiness in Slavery." In case you might think of checking this one out for yourself, here's a summary: a man gets naked, lies down, and allows a machine to rip off his penis and gradually chop up the rest of his body, then grind him into meat, all depicted quite graphically, though about as artistically as possible... and in black and white. You've been warned. The man in question? Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist. He was all over this video.
  • "Starfuckers, Inc.", a rare music video from NIN, features Trent and a typical 'Hawt Blonde Gurl' going to a filthy carnival that looks like it's taking place in the Deliverence town, featuring all sorts of celebrity Take That! including a hideously obese Courtney Love. The video doesn't get insanely freaky until the end, where it's all in strobe lights and Hawt Blonde Gurl shocks everyone by revealing she's Marilyn Manson!
  • The music video for Pinion, a short instrumental track, is downright unsettling. All grainy and colorless, the video starts with a creepy shot of a dirty toilet flushing, with the music lightly tapping away. As the track builds, the video pans down the pipes, getting more intense until you see a leatherbound human being with his mouth against the pipe; twitching silently as he's drowned. Holy mother of God.
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