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04:13:19 PM Mar 18th 2016
The links for "Rei I's theme.", and "Rei III's theme.", are dead (mostly), and no explanation is given, could it possibly be better to explain, than linking to copyrighted content that eventually gets taken down?
07:03:36 AM Aug 13th 2015
edited by PurpleandRed
Asuka is a hazard to the health of anyone or anything that isn't named "Kaji" or "Hikari". This effect is turned Up to Eleven if Shinji is the victim or if she is in Nigouki ("Unit 02"), and passes the Nightmare Fuel threshold when she has to fight 9 Evangelions at once.

Oh, don't bring up that Frikiri mess, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW SHE'S NICE TO HER BUT NOT EVERYONE ELSE!
06:48:47 PM Oct 27th 2014
"The manga can be pretty bad too. One scene that is very bad even for Evangelion: the scene where Shinji, after dissolving in his Entry Plug, nearly gets sexually assaulted by an apparition of Eva-01 under the guise of naked Yui and is too tired/depressed/stoned to realize how terrifying this is. Then a spectral Yui appears and the first one's skin starts peeling off her skull."

Can someone tell me which volume of the manga this is from?
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