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11:13:52 PM Mar 30th 2013
edited by Candi
  • "Burt Gummer, resident gun nut of the Tremors franchise does this in the sequel. While trying to escape shriekers, the 1st evolution stage of a graboid, they come across one in the way to an escape truck. So Burt whips out a BFG and blows it to bits. The problem? He was prepared to shoot at an underground creature, not the small above ground shrieker. The bullet from the gun goes through the shreiker, a wall, several barrels of oil, and finally, the truck's engine. Burt's response? "How could I have known?!""

This fits the trope description because fixing a little problem led to a bigger mess. But he couldn't have known. The shrieker was in front of a concrete wall. The Really Big Bullet went through the shrieker, the wall, a couple other things including another wall, then into the truck. A couple feet forward or back and the truck wouldn't have been hit. Burt had his own vehicle and no way of knowing there was a truck parked in that particular spot, and had just learned that it was the last available vehicle, but not exactly where it was.
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