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12:40:23 AM Jul 16th 2013
I've removed the point on GOTO in programming (the text is included below). The reasons:
  • It's not really an example of Never Live It Down
  • The command (or statement) doesn't occur just in three languages but in most existing programming languages (but in various forms, which makes it misleading to just amend that bit)
  • The text, if kept on, needs to discuss "good" goto practice examples (exceptions, tail calls, continuations) rather than just condemn it, making it far longer than what is reasonable

The text:

  • The "GOTO" command in Basic, Perl, and PHP: An article was written entitled "Goto considered harmful" — one article, mind you — and to this day people act as if inserting a single Goto into a program will render it indecipherable.
    • GOTO is a Very Bad Idea. It's not "one article", practically every textbook on the subject of programming drills into your head that using GOTO to save development time will paradoxically lead to waste of development time (and they sometimes provide case studies, some more comical than others). Add to it that sooner or later you will have to modularize your programs, a stray GOTO in a library (especially if it's supposed to be multithread-safe library) can cause your program to behave erratically. So repeat this after me, young ones: GOTO is Bad. Except Yuko Goto.
    • For those who are not programmers, "GOTO" is a command in several programming languages that basically tells the program to go to a certain section of the code. The problem with this is that it is very easy to break a program with the command, because it can interrupt a currently executing function or procedure, which will, as a result, never complete. Most veteran programmers feel that it is never worth the risk to use it, and there are almost no situations in which the command is strictly necessary anyway.
    • Except that in the machine languages of computers for which such languages are compiled, there are often explicit "jump to this address to execute" instructions - i.e. GOT Os in machine language.

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