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03:50:56 AM Apr 5th 2011
Why is Dougie from ISB used in a webcomics dicussion, ISB was never a webcomic.

Ow O >.> I've said too much already!
10:56:09 PM Aug 20th 2010
Removed the Sonichu entry. Sonichu is considered the Most Triumphant Example of Bile Fascination. Since Narm would make this comic more tolerable, and since no one who doesn't have Bile Fascination is likely to read it, any instance of Narm in it should be explained.
06:56:00 PM Apr 22nd 2010
Okay, re How I Became Yours:

This work is listed in So Bad Its Horrible (under Fan Fic because it's a Cookie Cutter webcomic for Avatar: The Last Airbender), and so any listings for Narm for it have to be looked at carefully because true Narm disqualifies something from being So Bad Its Horrible. This doesn't look like it's a Narm listing in spirit, though: at no point does it suggest anything resembling amusement at what it describes.

  • How I Became Yours is pretty much Narm from start to finish, whether it's because of the traced artwork, the characters derailed beyond recognition, the crappy writing, or the worse spelling. The most famous example (Mai's "chard monster" gem) gets double Narm points because she's probably making reference to his burn scar-which people familiar with the series will note isn't so much of a sore point for Zuko by the time the finale rolls around. Hit him where it hurts, sister.