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03:27:13 AM Jul 16th 2017
Does anyone else feel that the Narm entries for Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith and The Force Awakens should be moved to separate pages for those films?
10:36:02 AM Jan 28th 2017
  • Kylo Ren wangsting over Vader's melted helmet because of "the pull of the light" was probably meant to be dramatic, but for a lot of viewers his so-called conflict is so flimsy and ill-defined, not to mention not supported by everything else he does, as to make the scene (and by extension his whole character as a Darth Vader Clone) pure unadulterated Narm.

This is just complaining about a scene that you don't like. That is not what narm is. Narm is unintentionally hilarious moments. Just saying that "it's confusing, therefore Narm" does not justify it.
06:07:32 AM Feb 8th 2016
"One word: TRAITOR! Just the idea of a Stormtrooper, originally one of the most incompetent Mooks in film history, attempting to do something badass is beyond hilarious."

That actually sounds closer to awesome or funny than narm. Am I alone on this one?
03:38:02 PM Dec 23rd 2013
So am I the only one that thinks this page is soapbox for people to whine about the prequels?
02:47:36 AM Jul 17th 2011
You know what really funny?

Fact that people whine here more than any characters in SW.
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