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10:36:02 AM Jan 28th 2017
  • Kylo Ren wangsting over Vader's melted helmet because of "the pull of the light" was probably meant to be dramatic, but for a lot of viewers his so-called conflict is so flimsy and ill-defined, not to mention not supported by everything else he does, as to make the scene (and by extension his whole character as a Darth Vader Clone) pure unadulterated Narm.

This is just complaining about a scene that you don't like. That is not what narm is. Narm is unintentionally hilarious moments. Just saying that "it's confusing, therefore Narm" does not justify it.
06:07:32 AM Feb 8th 2016
"One word: TRAITOR! Just the idea of a Stormtrooper, originally one of the most incompetent Mooks in film history, attempting to do something badass is beyond hilarious."

That actually sounds closer to awesome or funny than narm. Am I alone on this one?
03:38:02 PM Dec 23rd 2013
So am I the only one that thinks this page is soapbox for people to whine about the prequels?
02:47:36 AM Jul 17th 2011
You know what really funny?

Fact that people whine here more than any characters in SW.
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