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05:35:09 PM Nov 24th 2012
  • "We're going to rock, rock, rock, rock with the ROCK!" is a line in "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen. If you know that song, then that gives the concert the Angels perform when they do their song with that lyric a whole new layer of narm.

Actually, those aren't the lyrics to that song.
03:06:00 PM Apr 28th 2010
Fridge Brilliance here (not that we want it, but I'll say it anyhow), now that I know how "Dark Dungeons" is played:

The player didn't commit suicide because her character died; the player let her character die because she was suicidal. Seriously, if you felt responsibility over a character and had control over the results of that character's actions, would you ever let the character die?
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