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05:36:20 PM Jan 31st 2013
Jesus CHRIST this page is filled with Justifying Edits.

Its almost as if Repair, Don't Respond doesn't exist and Natter is totally necessary. Jeez...
08:03:01 PM Aug 9th 2012
edited by Stoogebie
  • Milly's Stripperiffic outfit during the engagement party for the Emperess of China and Odysseus is a bit inappropriate; every conversation she makes, no matter how serious, becomes hilarious. God Damn you, Taniguchi!
Wow, I'd hate to be on a date with whoever added that post. So Absolute Cleavage = can't possibly take you seriously. Hmm...
02:47:35 PM Jun 1st 2010
Is it just me or is a lot of the stuff on the page... well, not Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, but complaining about things in general that aren't really Narm-y at all? Like these:

  • How about the crazy pronounciations of names for the Japanese soundtrack? C.C.'s name sounds like "shih tzu" half the time, V.V. gets called "Bui Tzoo," and whenever V.V. calls Emperor Charles by his given name, it comes out as a garbled "Shlalooloo" or something. And of course, for your viewing pleasure...

  • Not a Narm in the original dialogue; but in the fansub of the scene when Shirley dies, for some idiotic reason, they decided to subtitle Lelouch's scream as "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" when you can ALREADY hear him scream. That subtitle ruined the mood of an otherwise tragic scene.
    • Apparently "C.C." is pronounced "C two", "V.V." vice versa, and "Charles" is pronounced in French ("Sharl").
    • Don't forget Sharii, Riibaru, and Jyeremiya Gottobarto!

  • This. What the hell Lelouch?
    • If I may... FABULOUS!
      • (Imagine, if you will, in Dan Green 's voice): After a long day of taking over the world, nothing refreshes me more than pouring cool, Aquafina-brand water all over me. Yes, look at that water dribble down all over my CLAMP-designed bishonen body! Have you had enough, fangirls, or do you want MORE?! Aquafina is the only brand of water I trust not to be poisoned by jealous nobles who like to drop carriages on imperial consorts! Aquafina: Because pouring Gatorade on your body is too much of a mess (and way too titillating for the fangirls)!

  • In episode 18 of R2, Suzaku says "I must live" and kills a lot of people.

  • Did Lelouch just name a plan in Pig Latin? It sounds like Uptay Allifeiay, which would translate as Tup Iallife. What language is that?

I don't have a problem with people criticizing stuff, but it just seems like a good deal of examples on the page were put there by people who didn't like them for whatever reason, not because they were attempts at serious scenes which came off as ridiculous or silly for whatever reason - you know, the definition of Narm the main page gives. What do others think?
03:19:11 PM Jun 1st 2010
I'd say that nothing up there except for "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH" qualifies as narm—that one genuinely made me chuckle.  *

The third example in particular shouldn't qualify because it's not in the show itself, even though the third bullet on it is hilarious.
07:53:41 PM Aug 9th 2012
That third bullet was hilarious. Seriously, I wanna know what that editor was smoking, cause I want it!

Okay, done with that. I think we need to get rid of several examples, because I see a lot on the page that aren't even all that funny and aren't even in the show. Like for instance, "Euphinator" was never a canonical nickname for Euphemia, so the entire "I think it's funny that they call her Euphinator in canon and not just as a Fan Nickname is funny!" needs to be deleted. Also, I don't know if I should just scrap them, but there's a buttload of entries in there along the lines of "I couldn't take X voice actor* seriously!" I dunno, but I'm with the first poster.
07:57:35 PM Aug 9th 2012
I saw the pic. That's not narm, that's potential blood loss!
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