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08:27:09 AM Nov 15th 2014
Pulled this from Doctor Who:
  • In an issue of Doctor Who Magazine released in The '90s, it is said that Susan's Gallifreyan name is Arkytior, which means "rose." The first companions of both the classic and new series were named Rose.
  • The 50 Years trailer is basically one big Mythology Gag.

If it's not an Alternate Continuity, it's a Continuity Nod.
01:59:39 AM Sep 2nd 2013
I just want to say about the Babylon 5 stuff, WOW that is freakin' amazing!!
12:01:39 AM Mar 16th 2013
Added this to my watchlist, leaving myself a note to add a list for "Arrow." It's going the "Smallville" route with TONS of these, for instance in the season finale Deadshot is staying in the "Bludhaven Apartments."
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