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07:44:07 PM Mar 10th 2013
Would it be appropiate to put Orville in this page, as an example of Deadpan Snarker?
09:39:50 AM Jan 11th 2012
Is the song "The Mechanical Girl" Steampunk or Clockpunk. Voltaire described as Steampunk in the description of the video in YouTube, but i think is closer to Clockpunk.
08:19:05 PM Oct 6th 2013
I'd say it counts as both. Just give it the Steampunk trope, and add as a side topic its Clockpunk.
09:50:37 PM Jul 10th 2010
Villain song: "When you're evil". I agree 100%. This troper also notes that it's one of the fews songs you could sing yourself and have it be in character, if said person is well...evil.
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