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09:21:14 PM Mar 23rd 2014
I've taken the following example off the main page:

  • Parent Service: The Wiggles are one of the very few children's music groups to sometimes include attractive (and legal) female dancers in some of their TV episodes, thus catering a bit to the fathers out there stuck watching the videos. After all, when some married couples are in their "having several babies in the space of a few years" you have to excuse a guy for being a guy. (Emma, the new Yellow Wiggle, doesn't look half bad either.)

This was probably unintentional on the part of The Wiggles and the dancers, so I don't think it counts as an example of this trope being played out.
10:07:58 PM Mar 23rd 2014
Yeah fair enough, whoever wrote that example was trying to excuse possible fanservice for the sake of the 'parents', which isn't right at all.
11:53:12 PM Mar 23rd 2014
Poster saw it was taken down. Poster assumed no one had a problem considering it was several years. Poster has no complaints, s'fine. Poster will stop talking about himself in the 3rd person now.
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