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03:57:51 AM Jul 27th 2014
Can you add Wholesome Crossdresser? In earlier Wiggles series, the guys dress up by wearing ballet tutu for ballet class and Captian Feathersword wore the ballet tutu once. Same with females dress up as the doctor.
04:19:02 AM Jul 27th 2014
I am not sure if it fits. Wholesome Crossdresser is not just "crossdressing once" (which is what your suggestion sounds like), it's a trope for people who do it with some regularity.
05:15:33 AM Jul 28th 2014
Okay then but I remember Officer Beaples played by a women so is this consider a disguise in drag or not?
09:21:14 PM Mar 23rd 2014
I've taken the following example off the main page:

  • Parent Service: The Wiggles are one of the very few children's music groups to sometimes include attractive (and legal) female dancers in some of their TV episodes, thus catering a bit to the fathers out there stuck watching the videos. After all, when some married couples are in their "having several babies in the space of a few years" you have to excuse a guy for being a guy. (Emma, the new Yellow Wiggle, doesn't look half bad either.)

This was probably unintentional on the part of The Wiggles and the dancers, so I don't think it counts as an example of this trope being played out.
10:07:58 PM Mar 23rd 2014
Yeah fair enough, whoever wrote that example was trying to excuse possible fanservice for the sake of the 'parents', which isn't right at all.
11:53:12 PM Mar 23rd 2014
Poster saw it was taken down. Poster assumed no one had a problem considering it was several years. Poster has no complaints, s'fine. Poster will stop talking about himself in the 3rd person now.
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