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09:35:06 PM Jan 24th 2013
Does the folder system look okay? i was worried the page was too cluttered with the many, many band members but now I'm not so sure.
11:24:06 PM Jan 24th 2013
It looks good to me and makes the page easier to navigate; thanks for adding the folders!
12:29:44 PM Oct 8th 2011
Ummm why did the main page get merged with the music page? We had them separated for organizational purpose and now we've lost the old discussion and the old reviews with this new redirect. Plus everything is cluttered
01:33:09 PM Oct 8th 2011
No works are supposed to be in Main/. Musician pages go in music, so whoever did the split probably didn't know it was split for that purpose. Best course of action is to just soft split the page. To get the reviews back, just find them in the list and correct the subject to "The Protomen."

Truthfully, it probably shouldn't have ever been split in the first place.
10:56:08 PM Oct 8th 2011
Then what are main's even for any more?

Also how do we get back the old music section. It was separated to keep tropes that appear in the work and tropes that appear in the songs separate. could we keep them separate on the single page?
11:38:24 AM Oct 9th 2011
Main/ is just for tropes now. The old music section is still in the page history. Good course of action would be to put what was in the old music section in The Protomen, if you insist on them being separate, or to simply soft split the page. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have them separate though, since (liner notes aside) the songs and the work are one and the same— you can discuss both at the same time.
11:32:39 PM Oct 19th 2011
Problem is in that action we lost all the tropes that were once separate and now have to recover them some how, cause right now all we have the music section. also wouldn't a trope called the Protomen go against the whole "Not naming tropes after character/works clause"
05:47:02 PM Oct 24th 2011
You can still read the page history from the old main page here and the music page here. And yes, a trope called "The Protomen" would go against not naming tropes after characters/works. We've also started moving all series, films, books, games, and bands to whichever namespace they belong in.
10:38:10 AM Nov 14th 2010
Um...What's the point of this page? ^^; it just repeats the tropes from the album, which are already on the main page.
10:39:07 AM Nov 14th 2010
Whoops, nevermind; reread the page. ^^;
09:50:55 AM Nov 16th 2010
I made this page to seperate general tropes of the band and the specific tropes used on their albums. Plus, this page can include examples from their covers and that song about beards.