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06:11:44 AM Oct 18th 2016
Slim Pickens is honestly one of their more underrated songs, so it's good to see some recognition on the Awesome page. In fact, it seems that the only songs mentioned on this page are from their more well-known albums.
06:05:08 AM Apr 14th 2015
edited by ike755
I was thinking we should put something in about their new single "Coming for You", or at least the music video. I know that the vid contains Everyone Hates Mimes when all of the clowns gang up on the mime to no avail.
05:03:12 AM Aug 12th 2013
edited by
I've just been through and cleaned up the page. A few edits I'll mention:

  • Removed the entry for Black Sheep Hit. I don't think Kristy, Are You Doing Okay was ever popular enough to be an example.

  • Removed the bit about Smash and the response to Ra F, Ra G in Concept Album. It used to look like this:
  • "Concept Album: Americana is about the degradation of America. Smash is seen as this because almost all of its songs are about violence in some form or the other*, an interpretation reinforced by the album and accompanying singles' cover art which depicts distorted X-rays of skeletons. Meanwhile, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is often interpreted as the journey of a school shooter.
    • That last one is only in "Hammerhead"."
The hottip read: "violence against others on "Bad Habit", "Killboy Powerhead" and "Come Out and Play", violence against the world on "Not the One" and "Genocide", being victimised on "Self Esteem" and "Gotta Get Away", violence against the self on "What Happened to You?", and so on"

  • Removed entry for Precision F-Strike: the line from Smash is in the chorus, so it's hardly precision. The one in Original Prankster is not the only swear on the album.
  • "Precision F-Strike: "Smash." "And I don't give a fuck if it's good enough for you!"
    • "Original Prankster" has a Precision S-Strike, the only profanity on the Conspiracy of One album.
    You know it smells like shit, goddamned, tag team the doubleheader!"

  • Cleaned up a truly epic Discussion in the Main Page about Hammerhead.
  • "Tomato Surprise: "Hammerhead" The lyrics make it sound like a Cop or a Soldier, but the last verse reveals it is a school shooter.
    • The video changes this somewhat. The video indicates it may be this combined with a tract on war. The first half shows soldiers climbing a pile of Military SUV's (simulating the tough training they go through), saluting a General (showing their loyalty and trust), then allowing the General to push them off to their deaths (the throwing away of expensive training and irreplaceable human life in war). And the very end shows several animals, (a donkey, a bear, an elephant, and a camel if I remember correctly) carrying missiles on their backs, apparently representing....something.

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