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04:05:50 PM Sep 7th 2014
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So I noticed that, as of this comment, the article says "Make Your Choice" is about a fight between Megaman and Protoman. However, I listened to the song and read the official lyrics, it sounds more like Gamma (or Dr. Wily?) talking to both Megaman and Protoman to me. To wit:

You say that you stand for peace / But youíre the one geared for war

Sounds most like the singer is talking to Megaman there, since most of Megaman's opponents point this out.

Iím unlike the others youíve seen / Iím free from the failings of humanity / Iíve seen the end / And you are the key my friend

I can see how this might mean the singer is Protoman, but this brings to mind "Gamma Unchained" to me. "I'm unlike the others, I'm free." It's also why I'm more inclined to think this is Gamma rather than Protoman (or Dr. Wily for that matter).

And what of you / The shadows canít hide the rage in your steel / You say you donít care at all / But if he died tell me would you feel

This sounds like the singer is speaking to Protoman, rather than being Protoman. The fact that in Protoman is dimmed after the final boss battle in the game, the fact that "Gamma Unchained," "I'm Not The Breakman," and "I Refuse" all point out that Protoman is full of rage right now.

You wait for the choice to be made / Youíre afraid your purpose has been taken away / If you side with me / I will show you the way

The singer sounds like he's pointing out the things Protoman spoke of in "I'm Not The Breakman" (and what Megaman says of his brother in "I Refuse"), and is attempting to convince him to join the singer's side.

So ... Is there official word on who the song's representing?
09:16:49 PM Jan 7th 2013
I contest the use of Flash Stopper as "cheating" on the basis that they're in a war and as such, any tactical advantage Mega Man uses is usable. Whether or not Quick Man agrees is an entirely different point, but I'm pretty sure from MM's perspective, QM is just a quirky guy demanding a duel when MM's here to stop hin and his brothers' rampages.

Of course, this may be an entirely moot point, since the use of Flash Stopper is speculation at most.
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