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08:14:32 PM May 3rd 2015
edited by Buspirtraz
Five-Man Band

Could Styx be classified as this trope and if so, where exactly would they fit in each slot? (And I understand it's usually 1 slot/archetype per member.)

I'm thinking, like this (classic lineup)...

  • The Leader: Dennis DeYoung (Control Freak as noted on the main page)
  • The Lancer: Tommy Shaw (lead guitar, seemed to try to rock out what Dennis had in mind)
  • The Smart Guy: James "JY" Young (more philosophical, trying to resolve DeYoung and Shaw's conflicts with each other)
  • The Big Guy: John Panozzo (RIP, drums, seemed gregarious)
  • The Chick: Chuck Panozzo (wallflower type of bassist)

I'm also thinking JY could be The Heart (mediator of conflicts) and Chuck as The Smart Guy (founder of Styx).

What do you guys think?
12:05:05 AM May 4th 2015
Not an example, I'd say. Male The Chick is not this trope.
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