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12:14:45 AM Mar 3rd 2012
edited by Alucard
I'd argue that All Hope Is Gone (the song) would count under 9 on the Metal Hardness scale. It's screamed at a guttural-level all throughout, it's filled with double-bass runs and rapid-fire fills, and the guitars and bass chug through the verse and pre-chorus at Slayer-levels. That's not getting to the guitar solo.

Admittedly, the main chorus is pretty melodic, but in my mind it sinks to a 7.5 at best. Otherwise the vast majority of the song is in the up-tempo.

I'd make a similar argument for The Heretic Anthem, Disasterpiece and People = Shit. They're not very complicated, mind you, but they're chaotic.
05:54:30 AM Mar 3rd 2012
I'd tend to agree.
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