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09:47:52 AM Nov 4th 2013
In case anyone actually is reading this, what should we do with the post-split stuff? Should Ascending to Infinity (and whatever albums Luca's Rhapsody release in the future) be on this page, or on a Luca Turilli page (that I should probably create some day, which would at least have his non-Rhapsody projects, i.e. King of the Nordic Twilight/Prophet of the Last Eclipse/Lost Horizons/Infinite Wonders of Creation)?
10:31:34 AM Sep 6th 2013
How much of the Rain of a Thousand Flames music video (linked from the YMMV tab) should be taken as canon/interpreted literally, for the purpose of adding tropes? Can the Warrior do Shock and Awe? Is the Queen a fan of Opera Gloves?
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