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12:38:25 AM Oct 26th 2013
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Someone edited this entry:

  • Song Style Shift: "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a famous example of this, but this is found in several of their earlier more progressive songs. For example, "The Prophet's Song" is a hard rock song with an extended a capella section in the middle, where Brian goes crazy with the studio overdubs.

It used to say Freddie instead of Brian. Now, Brian wrote the song, probably made most of the work with the recording (given how they recorded songs), and also probably can be said to have went crazy with studio overdubs. I'm however quite certain the a capella section (where the style shift is, and which also has a lot of overdubs) is mainly Freddie.

I'm thinking of changing it back from Brian to Freddie, I just thought I'd put it up here first to see if anyone else knows better.

ETA: No one seems to be against it, so I'm making the change.
09:51:08 AM Oct 11th 2013
I've edited the whole article to conform to Example Indentation. Unfortunately, someone thought it looked ugly and reverted it back to "discussion-thread" indentation. I've pm'd the user in question and hope to reach an agreement with him to avoid an edit war. This is to inform others that if in the future the article looks strange, with paragraph breaks and all, it's because it's supposed to look like that (by official wiki policy). Hoodiecrow
10:43:46 AM Oct 11th 2013
Congratulations on how you're going about this; it's a model of good troping and discussion. :)
04:47:30 AM Apr 29th 2011
No mention of Barcelona? The 1992 collaboration with Montserrat Caballe?

That was pure undiluted 100% audible badass
06:40:09 AM Jul 11th 2012
1992? Freddie was dead :) It was in the late 80's, dunno when specifically
12:58:51 PM Oct 14th 2013
It was released in late 1988, I THINK in October, but I could be wrong.
04:58:09 PM Dec 14th 2010
The bit about Synthesizeritis is getting a bit out of hand.
07:35:21 PM Aug 27th 2011
True, it's based mostly on bias/opinion rather than fact.
05:43:55 PM Mar 29th 2010
Like I mentioned on that page, there's that interview with Freddie from the beginning of the 80's where talks about the clothes (and hair) of the 70's

Shouldn't someone add that here ?

Erling Jacobsen <>
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