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05:04:31 PM Nov 15th 2012
These guys don't deserve the namespace "music".

Same with Justin Bieber and Nickelback.

Maybe "pop star" would be a better namespace?
11:50:22 PM Nov 15th 2012
edited by Ianto
Uh. Actually, no. It's music by any standard definition of music. Your personal tastes are completely irrelevant in that regard.

Also, 'pop star' is pretty useless as a description because it's not all that clear what it means and who it includes. Categorising music is pointless and more or less impossible because there is not really clear-cut definition of most of the categories and then we end up shouting at each other about our personal tastes and stuff gets ugly.

If someone produces sound and declares it music, then we sort it under music. That's it.

If it matters that much to you, you could maybe create indexes for the different genres (there's a list, but I don't think it's complete) and then you could create a categorie for those people, but I think that's the best you can get in those regards.
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