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12:56:29 PM May 4th 2017
edited by alnair20aug93
Seems this is her new look now.
Back to the roots.
03:38:49 PM May 18th 2015
edited by TessaTheMoo
This article needs an overhaul to reflect Cyrus's image now. Right now there's just vague, non-explanatory references to her current controversies. A rewritten description with a more concise explanation of her journey (including the the Teen Idol edit Marq FJA points out), would be a good start.
10:46:18 AM Jan 3rd 2014
edited by
You know, technically she's no longer a Teen Idol, as she's now age 21 (born 1992). The important question, however, is how can we change the first line of the description to reflect this?
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