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07:14:05 AM Apr 19th 2013
Isn't there a better example for Smarter Than They Look than what looks to be reading a prepared statement, echoing previous arguments by others, made under controlled, rather than live, conditions?
07:07:55 AM Dec 29th 2011
Does anyone else think the discography section should be moved to Trivia?
06:03:55 PM May 24th 2011
edited by KrisMahai
Can we get a new page quote? The current one is a little long.

Actually, I think I'm going to cut out the first part. If anyone has any objections, let me know.
05:18:19 PM Aug 17th 2011
Shouldn't we add a You and I video folder soon?
04:25:45 PM May 23rd 2011
Re: Record of Loudness War:

uh... Steven Wilson makes an effort to avoid this. And uh... yeah, I got nothing else.
02:51:22 PM Jan 7th 2011
Am I the only one who thinks the page image could do with changing? It's not the best quality. Or is it just me?
02:53:15 PM Jan 7th 2011
Personally, I don't think it needs a new image... what this page needs is a "Fangirl Gushing"-ectomy. This article is so slanted you'd think the contributors were sleeping with the woman...
05:53:35 PM Jan 7th 2011
No, we need a new page image. The current one has jpeg artifacts.

@Worldmaker: You're probably right about that. Maybe post something on Trope Repair Shop about a revising of style?
10:50:57 AM Jan 8th 2011
I think some of it is just stuff that hasn't been moved to the YMMV page but maybe should be?

Maybe something not from a music video? This looks like it was capped from a download off iTunes or something. Though maybe we could wait until some Born This Way images are out to keep it up to date, on second thoughts.
04:49:19 PM Jan 6th 2011
Do we need a Lady Gaga Music Video Drinking Game? Of course we do. These are the ones a friend and I came up with.

Every time two people start making out, take a shot. Every time Ga Ga's costume changes, take a shot. Every time a video makes a callback to a past song, video, or some other aspect of her performing career, take a shot. Every time you see subliminal advertising, take a shot. For every instance of gratuitous foreign language, take a shot. For every cameo of her dogs, take a shot. Every time Ga Ga puts something in her mouth, take a shot. Whenever she pantomimes a gun, take a shot.
06:12:56 PM Jan 6th 2011
Cool, come up with some more like every time the word "gaga" is mentioned take a shot.
04:30:09 AM May 24th 2011
I hope the aforementioned shots are fired from a really deadly gun.
03:16:12 AM Dec 27th 2010
Wow, the IJBM has certainly turned into some heap of Fan Dumb vs Hate Dumb.
06:03:48 AM Oct 31st 2010
edited by anonymous738
I see that we have a folder section for Alejandro and Telephone, shouldn't we have a Paparazzi one as well? Just an idea.
05:11:42 PM Oct 31st 2010
Yes, I certainly think so.

06:55:00 PM Oct 27th 2010
why was hatedom/dumb removed? if fandumb gets to stay shouldn't hatedom/dumb?
04:20:38 PM Oct 28th 2010
I'll try to add it back.
01:49:57 PM Oct 22nd 2010
edited by SoapMagic
Ignore this, haha.
10:20:10 PM Jul 17th 2010
edited by GentleDementia
Here's something really fun, Bring up two youtube videos, the first being the music video for "Bad Romance" the second being Creature Feature's "The Greatest Show Unearthed". Start up Bad Romance with no sound, and at around the 12-second mark (When she presses the button on the modem-looking thing) start "Greatest Show Unearthed". The music for "Greatest Show Unearthed" syncs up almost perfectly with "Bad Romance"
02:47:20 AM Aug 3rd 2010
Holy shit, it does.
07:20:01 PM Aug 7th 2010
It's uncanny! O.o
12:17:18 PM Jun 16th 2010
Okay, this entry got nuked in ten minutes flat. It wasn't my entry, but still:

This is of course an exaggeration, but the censorship here is just Fan Dumb. The fact that she isn't a Cookie Cutter Cuties is part of why she is so awesome.
01:16:39 PM Jun 16th 2010
I removed it because it had been added before and subsequently removed, due to the fact that it was just a Take That! which doesn't belong on this page. Besides, it existing alongside Beautiful All Along is just contradictory and mucks up the article.
02:15:50 PM Jun 16th 2010
Do we really need 'HAHA SHE'S UGLY' on this page? Some people think she's beautiful, if not Hollywood levels. Some people don't find her attractive at all. It's a completely pointless, petty thing to add, with beautiful in scare quotes and 'lolhorsey'.
07:10:57 PM Jun 16th 2010
edited by Thomas
I guess what I'm getting at is that Subjective Tropes Are Not Bad. And even though I'm a big classification junkie (i.e. I don't like seeing a character cited for every single one of the antihero tropes, for example), I don't see the big deal with contradictory negative and positive subjective tropes on the same page. Maybe this is getting too This Troper here, but I've had many, many friends that were incredulous that I thought she was the hottest woman ever. It's part of the cultural reaction. More data points for the reader.
07:14:10 PM Jun 16th 2010
Honestly it's just a Take That!, and women get enough scrutiny for their looks already without us adding to it (besides, we have Hollywood Homely and the like to make fun of that very perception). I'd expect that on Something Awful, not here.
12:27:18 AM Jun 17th 2010
There's a difference between subjective tropes and the person putting a trope on purely because they think she's ugly.
02:54:43 AM Jun 17th 2010
I was the one that deleted the example the first time it came up. I don't even get how this counts as an Informed Attribute—if she made a big deal out of her looks or beauty in her lyrics or interviews it'd be one thing, but the only time I can think of her mentioning her looks at all in an interview is when in her "fascinating people" interview she said she felt like a freak in high school, and that's why she dresses the way she does. This isn't a reaction to her, but her fans—which are naturally going to compliment her, they're fans. I'm saying this as someone that doesn't even find her that beautiful, particularly under all that make-up. The comment is just an inappropriate, trolling comment. Why keep it?
11:44:18 AM Sep 21st 2010
And also, Gaga's not pretty, but equine? I think you took a wrong turn at Taylor Swift.
01:49:52 PM Sep 21st 2010
Gaga has said that she doesn't intend to look beautiful. Therefore, the Informed Attribute entry doesn't work. Also, the Beautiful All Along entry should've stayed. Just stick a 'YMMV' to it.
01:43:02 PM Jun 10th 2010
For posterity, the old page quote, because I did enjoy his review.

06:44:15 AM Jun 12th 2010
I think that quote should be on the page again, because it's like a "response" to the quote that was above it.
10:50:42 AM Jun 14th 2010
12:26:24 PM Jun 15th 2010
04:54:18 PM Jul 7th 2011
Hell n—- oh what the heck....fouth—ed
03:14:55 PM Apr 11th 2010
I'm confused by what the hell the Artist Disillusionment trope and its following comment is supposed to mean. Can anyone explain it to me, because I haven't seen Lady Gaga expressing any genuine regret for oversexualisation in her lyrics or stage persona anywhere.
03:45:43 PM Apr 11th 2010
I've seen her talking a lot recently about how people shouldn't rush into sex, kids shouldn't be pressured etc. but nothing saying that she regrets her own sexual image. It's not too much of a stretch, I guess, but I'd be interested to see a source too.
01:04:26 AM Apr 15th 2010
Given that the last time she talked about her sex life, she said she had no time for relationships and so had taken to fucking members of her touring band. I remember thinking at the time "Oh, this isn't going to turn out well". Looks like she eventually realised the backstage drama wasn't worth it. Not really that much of a radical change like the artist disillusionment seems to imply. Still, not exactly a negative message she's putting out so good on her, I guess.
01:50:03 PM Mar 12th 2010
edited by Ayries
OK, this may seem a tad extreme, but we are getting a lot of entries for Telephone, and it IS a 9-minute, more-story-than-actual-freaking-singing vid, plus we have one for a Muse video... does anyone else think we should consider giving it its own page?
09:51:33 AM Mar 15th 2010
I think so.
07:15:52 PM Mar 15th 2010
Considering that the Telephone video is a sequel to Paparazzi and it will probably have a sequel itself, then the hypothetical new page should cover Paparazzi, Telephone and any videos that continue the story.
08:49:10 PM Mar 15th 2010
What should be the name of this new page then? Paparazzi/Telephone?
07:03:46 AM Mar 17th 2010
Why not a page which covers all of her videos? Like a character page except not. That way, it's easy to add on to and can clean up some of the "Bad Romance" stuff off the main page.
03:55:42 PM Mar 17th 2010
edited by DJR_Caron
I think the music video page is a good idea, as Gaga's videos seem to be becoming more and more complex, and it would avoid the issue of trying to come up with a name for the overarching plot that sprang up in 'Paparazzi'. Besides, if you believe all that Illuminati/Baphomet worship stuff, 'Bad Romance' can arguably be seen as a prequel, which only further complicates things.
11:50:30 AM Mar 18th 2010
I agree on the page for all of them too, especially as it looks like Alejandro may be continuing this plot. Maybe put BR in a seperate part of the page to show it's a bit more loosely connected?
07:03:51 PM Apr 22nd 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Well kids, you know, we don't put songs on their own page. No real rule but generally it's handled like the episodes of a TV show- because the career of a musician does work like one continuous artistic endeavour with a constance of image and presentation throughout.

I look at the Bad Romance page and I see tropes that are "Lady Gaga tropes" taking up most of the lines; having an overarching plot does not suggest to me "split them up".

Also the huge plot is "Lady Gaga goes to jail. Lady Gaga leaves jail and kills Beyonce's boyfriend. Sandwiches for all! They ride off".
02:14:13 PM Apr 23rd 2010
edited by SoapMagic
Well Mr./Mrs./Miss responsible, intelligent adult, I should mention that those pages list tropes about the music video, and not mainly about the songs themselves (if at all). A page for a Muse music video and a The Birthday Massacre music video existed before Telephone, so don't act like the Lady Gaga fans are the ones completely at fault. Be fair and deal with the other song/music video pages too. Besides, I don't understand why this deserves a rather sour comment. Politeness works too, you know.

Halloween is basically a serial killer stalking and killing babysitters (and it's a fabulous horror movie classic), so stop acting like things have to be extremely complex to warrant a page. Also, you're forgetting the mass murder. And if I remember correctly, it was more like "Poison honey for all!".
02:42:18 PM Apr 23rd 2010
Doesn't need to have a complex plot to have a huge number of tropes, which Telephone does, and I just figured it'd help keep things organised. (Also, no need for the condescension, k, thx.)

We have pages for individual characters (The Joker), forums (there's one for a Doctor Who one around somewhere), the lot. I don't see why something similarly minor like a music video can't too.
05:23:35 AM Apr 24th 2010
Did you not catch the clusterf*** that came from the individual character pages? Forum thing but basically- nobody is sure about how to edit those pages which means you get editors tripping over each.

A lot of those tropes on the Telephone and Bad Romance page connected up with the same points in the main page and are relevant to them. Either it started off with that problem which gives it in built redundancy or it gained those tropes later which indicates confusion. When you split it off you have to think- what about the connection to the live performances, what about the connection to the albums, what about the connection to the other points to the artist. See there's a bunch of issues with splitting and deciding on the nature of the page and there's a bunch of advantages to having the chance to see everything on the page but the advantage of a hard split over a soft split is...?

Halloween gets its own page because it's its own distinct entity which people will refer to with a blue link. However people don't feel the need to split of the sequels. It's a page for the franchise. Equally, this is a page for the Lady Gaga franchise.
08:50:05 AM Apr 24th 2010
Uh, no, I didn't, sorry for not frequenting the forums. (Except that it can't have been all that conclusive, since The Joker is still there and all...? I'm confused.)

And what's all this about franchises? Don't all the Star Trek films have their own pages? Just as an example. There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule in place. Obviously a music video isn't the same thing precisely, but there's a precedent for notable and/or unusually long/'plotty' music videos getting their own pages... either we have to get rid of Knights of Cydonia and Blue, or Telephone can stay.

My original idea was just that it seemed to be something that was 'done' from previous example, and that a nine minute video qualified under that and it might clear some tropes off the main page. If it doesn't, fine, but consistency would be nice, is all I'm saying.
08:55:00 AM Apr 24th 2010
edited by SoapMagic
See, now this response is much better. My only problem is that you didn't do this to Knights of Cydonia & Blue too. Can you explain why you only did this to the Lady Gaga song/music video pages?
11:27:00 AM Apr 24th 2010
^^ It was very inconclusive. That's the pain. I'm not sure how long the discussion note would have been there nor how many pages it was on but they really should have kept a copy of the link on the discussion page.

Anywho, the films get their own pages...sometimes, if they are long. We don't tend towards hard and fast rules here but that means that every new idea gets analysed to death...or completely ignored until everyone starts doing it. We're very much prone to accidental evolution. We don't have music pages because people preferred keeping them on the same page. So think of this as being more like enforced helpful advice- "Wouldn't you feel better if it was all on one page?" being said by a guy carrying a large stick.

^ Because the Lady Gaga ones were bought before me. Really I didn't even know we had pages on the bands never mind the actual songs. In fact I see the discussion page and apparently the page on Muse came after the page on Knights of Cydonia.
08:27:50 AM Mar 10th 2010
  • This Troper would like to propose a better picture for the page. Like this.
10:34:21 AM Mar 10th 2010
I vote the first one, since the second one isn't a style she's used in a while...
01:04:07 PM Mar 10th 2010
Sweet, but somebody else is gonna have to do it (this troper doesn't know how to add images)
10:55:15 PM Mar 10th 2010
11:33:42 AM Sep 20th 2010
I think we need another one again, since this picture doesn't display her style at all. Sure the text helps, but it might be smarter to pick an image that makes people go "oh right, her" (the machine gun bra was never that big of a deal and is completely forgotten now that she dresses like a butcher shop).
11:55:05 PM Sep 17th 2011
It's been almost a whole year since someone brought up changing the image. I do think it's a bit bland and has more than outworn its welcome. How about we add something from either the Edge of Glory or You and I video?
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