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10:28:55 AM Jun 5th 2017
Seems Katy is the new Bangerz-era Miley in 2017.
02:15:00 PM Jan 8th 2013
If it weren't this site I never would have dreamed of anyone mistaking Katy Perry for Zooey Deschanel. Is the resemblence really enough to mention? I doubt it.
05:22:12 AM Jan 9th 2013
No offense, but that says more about you than this site. It's a very, very, very commonly pointed out resemblance.
06:13:26 AM Dec 17th 2011
Radar page. We need one.
08:35:31 PM Jul 17th 2011
For the Dawson Casting entry, when is it stated that she is 13 years old?
11:21:09 PM Aug 12th 2011
edited by TheQuestioner132
Fake accounts on social networking sites used to promote the video. Plus, the infamous Rebecca Black is one of her peers, so she'd have to be about that age.
01:42:13 PM Aug 6th 2010
A certain city in Merseyside? Great Schmuck Bait, guys, now I want to know the details!

... is it Manchester?
03:04:12 AM Aug 28th 2010
Manchester is not in Merseyside. But I have no idea what they mean either.
11:06:17 AM Jul 6th 2010
So, the Not So Different on this page struck me badly, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding it before I did something with it. The entry is saying that Perry's comment makes her a "Jesus freak" along the lines of Pat Robertson, yeh? It just strikes me as a perfectly reasonable comment. I mean, if the entertainment hinges on blasphemy, then it really is just as cheap as a fart joke. It strikes me as a pissed of Ga Ga fan.
11:14:01 AM Jul 6th 2010
Yeah, I've removed it and saved it here... that Stealth Insult line makes little enough sense alone, but... even if interpreted in a particular way, I don't really think you could use it as evidence of fundamentalism. Religious zealots don't tend to view blasphemy as "cheap".

  • Not So Different: Is she really a "former" Jesus freak, as is claimed at the top of this article? Not if you believe "Stealth Insult" below; what she said about Lady Gaga is perhaps the most stereotypical Jesus freak bullshit this side of Pat Robertson!

I can't get past it. Seriously? That's zealotry, to you, person-who-wrote-this?
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