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08:57:44 PM Jul 15th 2012
Ok, as I stated in the edit, Khan isn't a member of the band anymore, so we probably shouldn't use an outdated picture. There's no fitting picture with Karevik out that I know of, so we have at least two options:

1: We leave the page without a picture until an updated one is released. 2: We temporarily put up a picture of their logo or an album cover until a new full band picture is released.

Personally, I'm leaning toward suggestion 2 so we can at least have something up.
01:47:19 PM Aug 20th 2012
I like 2 as well. I'm sure we're going to be treated to many more badass pictures featuring Karevik (here's hoping he rocks the long, black coat as well as Khan did) in due time, at which point one will undoubtedly come forth screaming "TROPE ME, MOTHERFUCKERS!" At that time we can pop it up there.

Alternatively, what about an epic-looking concert picture from an angle where you can't really tell who's on stage? It'd have to have the Kam logo as a stage backdrop so you can tell what band it is, but if there are any that make it sufficiently difficult to tell whether it's Khan or Karevik, that might work.

Option 3: A picture of a live performance of the musical "Camelot" and a caption stating "No, not that one." =P
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