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10:48:19 PM Aug 16th 2014
Why is Grey DeLisle's page on a Music namespace? It's not a huge deal, but is it easily fixable?
11:25:44 PM Aug 16th 2014
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Yeah, it should be Creator/. She's done music, but making the claim that it's her biggest thing would be like putting Michael Jordan in the Baseball/ namespace instead of Basketball/ (... if, you know, we had namespaces for individual sports).

As to whether it's fixable... well, it's on 317 different pages on this site under Music/. So it'd take some work (and a redirect) but I think it's worthwhile to put it under the Creator/ namespace.
04:35:20 AM Aug 17th 2014
Given the multitude of her roles, I concur with moving to Creator/. I'll make a note in the forums though since I don't have time for a move.
01:51:04 PM Feb 19th 2015
Can I make the Creator/ page and turn the music into a redirect and gradually move the wicks?
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