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12:09:06 AM May 13th 2014
Why are all the pages called "GREENDAY" ? The band is called Green Day. I was going to change it back, but I'm not sure how to do the titles.
01:37:54 AM May 13th 2014
Because you got served a wonky link - Green Day and GREENDAY are the same thing.
03:36:07 PM May 13th 2014
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Yes, but now the page title is one word and capitalized, when it used to be the proper one. How do I change it back?
11:31:19 PM May 13th 2014
Can't do it. You'll have to access the wiki page through a non-wonky link.
03:10:04 AM May 16th 2014
How do I do that? The way I get to the page is to search "Green Day" and pick the top result, with no external link involved.
03:27:22 AM May 16th 2014
If that link is always wonky, you'll need to use a different system - such as bookmarking Music.Green Day.

We can't fix search results.
09:33:50 AM Nov 13th 2012
I would like to vote for a change in the Page Image. Since the addition of Jason White to the line-up, the page image doesn't represent the whole band anymore.
11:25:24 AM Nov 13th 2012
Well, change it then, I guess? As far as I understand, there's no rule to keeping you from doing that.
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