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04:30:47 AM Jun 23rd 2011
edited by Belfagor
Just for fun, I'd like to quote a But for Me, It Was Tuesday comment on this video

"For music lovers, the day a teenage girl decided to make a music video about hanging out with her friends was the worst day ever. But for Rebecca, it was Friday."
— NonRandomUser
02:46:50 AM Apr 25th 2011
The following was recently removed from this page:

  • Beyond the Impossible: In the two months after it debuted it has had:
    • ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN MILLION VIEWS AND COUNTING. This would place it among the top 50 most watched videos, but YouTube doesn't list it for some reason.
      • That's over 700 years that have been spent watching it.
    • More than 2.3 million comments, making it the second most discussed video.
    • And more than 2.1 million dislikes, (which make up almost 90% of the total votes) making it the most disliked video on YouTube. It is even more hated than than a certain Canadian pop musician, which is saying something.
    • Almost a quarter of a million likes causing it to storm into the top 30 of highest all time rated music videos.
    • Someone hacked the account, removed the video, closed the account and it still came back to life within hours.
    • There still seems to be at least 1 comment posted every few seconds.

I do agree that these achievements do not qualify as Beyond the Impossible, so what trope, if any, are they? I'm pretty sure it's not Up to 11 or Crowning Moment of Awesome either.
05:19:48 PM Apr 21st 2011
One YouTube comment said there needs to be a Velvet Underground version.

Ohmagod, somebody please grab a karaoke version of "All Tomorrow's Parties" and drone the lyrics in their best thick German accent! XD
08:07:36 AM Apr 8th 2011
I'm curating this page because, due to its meme status, it seems to attract a lot of people who seem simply to be mocking, and people who add tropes that in no way appear in the work, but just sound good.

For example, Backseat Driver was recently added. A Backseat Driver is someone who sits in the back and gives directions to the driver in the front. Nowhere in this work does a Backseat Driver appear. There are other examples of tropes that neither appear nor are referenced.

Anything that hits meme status could probably use a curator or two.
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