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04:11:57 PM Mar 30th 2012
I see a bunch of italicized names on this page. Are they all supposed to be songs? Because song titles go in quotes, not italics.
01:15:48 AM Apr 6th 2012
Yep, they are supposed to be the song names.

I'm still quite stumped on whether it should also tell the act names (like "The Black Knight I - I Live in Silence") on each song or not.
09:15:33 AM Apr 6th 2012
Yeah, is there a standardized thing for this? Because the "acts" there are actually more like larger songs that were broken up into several parts, and some tropes apply more to individual tracks. For example, The Aloner only really applies to the first part of The Black Knight (I Live in Silence), whereas Cybernetics Eat Your Soul applies to the whole of The Soul Doctors, which is broken into 3 different tracks, which, while part of a specific narrative with specific characters, are melodically distinct from each other. How exactly do we denote the distinction between one and the other?
12:17:26 PM Apr 9th 2012
Try naming 'Gods of War I - The Wrath of Silence' as a song name as a whole, and discard the 'act1/2/3' in the album.

If a trope applies to the whole act, try saying the entirety of/all of 'Gods of War' applies, I guess..

For example: [The Last Man (On Earth as it is in Hell Part III)]. -> [On Earth as it is in Hell III - The Last Man]
08:29:31 AM Mar 21st 2012
Where did my post went?
08:28:24 AM Mar 21st 2012
Is there any links for this album? I've scoured the webs and didn't find it. I would like to hear it very much.
04:08:41 PM Mar 30th 2012
The link was updated with a new one by some good samaritan. Happy listening!
01:13:58 AM Apr 6th 2012
I'm actually the one who updated the link after I asked Brian Voth for the songs. :P Still, thanks.
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