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08:34:48 AM Nov 29th 2013
This entry contradicts itself, & since I don't know which is right, I've moved it here.

  • Self-Backing Vocalist: Usually averted, as all members could sing very well and they also arranged their material so that live versions would be nearly identical to the studio cuts, so they tended to have the lead vocalist absent from harmonies and viceversa (similarly, no guitarist played rhythm and solos at the same time). An exception was "One of These Nights" where, at the end, bassist Randy Meisner is doing both the lead and the high harmony (which often overlap at that point).
    • Actually, they did do it a lot in the studio. Whoever sang lead would also join the others for harmonies. Glenn sings lead on the studio version of Take It Easy and then he also sings harmonies with Randy, Don and Bernie; the choruses actually have two Randys (head voice and falsetto), Don, Bernie and two Glenns (lead and backing). The line 'and still those voices are calling from far away' (Hotel California) is sung by Don, Glenn and Randy/Tim on stage, but in the studio it was Don + Don.
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