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10:02:52 PM Nov 7th 2014
So, I was looking to create a YMMV page for Christina Aguilera (seeing as she doesn't have one while most pop acts do) However, the page is listed as locked for some reason. When I looked at the list of Locked Pages, it wasn't even listed among them, let alone was a reason for its lock present.

Is there a way to unlock this so that Christina can have a YMMV page as well?
11:14:09 PM Nov 7th 2014
I think Real Life people no longer are allowed to have those pages, for complaining bait reasons.
01:20:33 AM Nov 8th 2014
Yes. We don't record YMMV items for creators anymore. Only for their works.
07:09:19 PM May 9th 2013
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Misandry Song? Really? I don't really like Christina Aguilera but wandered over here on a Wiki Walk (you know how it is) and was reading through when I saw the Misandry Song entry. I checked the Misandry Song article to make sure it meant what I thought it meant, and was pretty shocked at the implication that Aguilera was a misandrist (I mean, 6 songs that fit the misandry criteria is no fucking joke). So I went and looked up the lyrics and read through all the songs listed under that entry.

...Uh...I found some misandrist content in 'I Hate Boys' (obviously) and some man-hate in one other song (I forget the name) but the others I could find nothing. There was criticism of men who underappreciate and abuse women, but nothing against men as a gender and nothing to suggest she has any sexist opinions regarding men as a whole at all. And that got me thinking...

"Misandry" does not mean "criticizes her last boyfriend in her songs." It means outright sexism, hatred of men, disgusting generalizations about men on the whole (e.g. All Men Are Rapists) and belief that women are superior. It is an incredibly serious label to use, even in tvtropes, even just about a song.

To the person who put in that entry about the Misandry Song and others like them: If you are going to label someone or their work with 'Misogyny' or 'Misandry' you had better have a damn good fucking reason and be able to justify it.

Those terms are not something to laugh at or a throwaway for an Entry Pimp. Yes, this is Serious Business. Sexism against women and men are two dangerous prejudices that don't need any more idiots throwing labels around when they have no idea what they're doing. To the imaginary reader of this post: please be more careful in the future.
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