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09:45:11 AM Feb 16th 2018
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  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Has increased over their years of the group's existence.
    • Most of their Self-Titled Album is, on average, a hard 6 to a soft 7, although "Megitsune" is a borderline 8.
      • "Babymetal DEATH" seems to go as far as a 9, with most of the vocals being death growls and metal screams and having nearly none of the super-happy cuteness factor a lot of their other songs have. It also happens to be their album and live show opener. Going from this into straight into one of their lighter songs is quite the Mood Whiplash.
      • "Doki Doki☆Morning is a very poppy song even by Babymetal standards despite its heavier riffs.
      • "Iine!" completely and intentionally defies any attempt to categorize it.
    • The second album Metal Resistance goes up to 9 in several tracks.
      • Most of its Su-Metal ballads, however, are a 6 at best, being slower and more melodic.
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