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06:14:24 AM Oct 9th 2013
I have edited Amy's page to make it more positive. There is a lot of great things about her career and life and the people on this website seem to be focusing on the bad things, its horrible especially considering the way this website fawns over people like Neil Patrick Harris and The Nostalgia Critic. The YMMV page or whatever was too big so I have stuck a few things that were on that on here. Like the fact that her version of Valerie was a bigger hit. That is not open for discussion chec the charts it was. Also I stuck in the Woobie bit in the main one. It makes me sick that her death being looked on as a tragedy was moved into YMMV what ind of monsters are you lot that you think her death wasn't a tragedy? You guys get so upset over fictional characters in Doctor Who and Joss Whedons tv series dying, write about how heart breaking it is seeing Ianto and Spike dying, but not a real person who was by all accounts generous and suffered severe mental problems like manic depression. What you care more about a fictional character than a real human being!
06:30:16 AM Oct 9th 2013
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That's not how YMMV works. Those items always go on the YMMV page, they never go on the main page (unless they're In-Universe).

The main page is about her music itself, and tropes within that. The YMMV is the place for subjective items and Audience Reactions. I'm moving the items back.

... also not sure why you're saying that people didn't think her death was a tragedy. The page is very clear that her life was tragically cut short, and mentions people making light of her death as being in the wrong.
01:50:25 PM Oct 10th 2011
edited by Canofcan
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