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10:08:10 AM May 18th 2013
Any conclusive proof that's he's bi? I've heard him say that he's reverse-bicurious, but never decisively bisexual.
01:17:27 AM Oct 24th 2015
He's a good example of how sexuality is a spectrum, because he doesn't fit all that neatly into the labels of bisexual OR gay. There is the term, 'heteroflexible' - straight, but shit happens. Which I think is often a more appropriate label than 'bicurious'. If you're heteroflexible, you're not 'curious', you know exactly where you're at. ANYWAY, I ramble. 'Homoflexible' comes the closest to a proper label. Get some liquor in him with g2g female friend nearby, and things happen, but never when he's sober. As far as we know.

I'm suspicious that he's a tiny bit more interested in the female form than even he is aware of, though, (only a TINY bit more), but our culture is so damn binary. With an attitude that 'bisexual' means '50/50', on top of pressure to 'pick a side', it's no wonder that more people aren't open about coloring outside the lines.

Adam's coloring book is rather sloppy.
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