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04:09:15 PM Aug 7th 2014
I really believe that Jenna Fischer of The Office fame qualifies and here are the reasons: she often wears low-cut dresses and outfits both on and off-camera, she's had a few lingerie photos... hell she's even recently posed in a bikini for a magazine shoot! if you don't believe what I'm saying, check out one of her fan sites and click the photo gallery.
06:05:15 AM Aug 8th 2014
I agree she would deserve an entry on her Creator/ page (given magazine shoots and Blades of Glory), but it brings up a question: where on this page would it go?

It wouldn't go in Live-Action TV because she's not a Ms. Fanservice in The Office, it's in other official releases she's done that it comes out. So would it be Real Life?
12:04:47 PM Aug 8th 2014
Uh, yeah, that would be a Real Life example. Now that magazine shot would go into this page.
12:39:11 PM Aug 8th 2014
unfortunately she doesn't appear to have a Creator/page. Someone else would have to do it though because I'm only good at adding tropes and other small things. Creating whole articles is beyond me, sorry to say.
12:50:14 PM Aug 8th 2014
Methinks we don't need a page on her yet. Also, even if we would, fanservicey stuff is frowned upon in creator pages.
01:37:03 PM Aug 8th 2014
So it would just go here then, or what? Besides I thought we were allowed to use the term Ms. Fanservice in the creators page
02:40:29 PM Aug 8th 2014
I am not certain on the policy for the latter instance, however regarding the former I'd say yes - for the magazine example you cited.
11:07:17 PM Aug 8th 2014
Drooling isn't cool on Creator pages, but acknowledging that they're frequently used as a Ms. Fanservice is acceptable. Something like

  • Ms. Fanservice: In many works often seen in provocative clothing, even when not strictly necessary.

Would be cool, but

  • Ms. Fanservice: Look at her figure! She's got such nice boobs it'd be a shame not to show them off.